Crucial Last Minute Analysis of NEET 2022 Question Paper

Crucial Last Minute Analysis of NEET 2022 Question Paper is very important for the students attempting the NEET 2023. On May 7, 2023, the NEET 2023 examination will be administered in over 500 cities in India and abroad. It is anticipated that the NEET 2023 examination will follow the expected format. The difficulty of the NEET 2023 exam ranges from moderate to difficult.

Crucial Last Minute Analysis Of Neet 2022 Question Paper

According to the patterns of previous years, Physics is the most difficult subject, followed by Chemistry. Biology is the most straightforward section of the NEET 2022. Candidates preparing for NEET UG 2023 must review NEET analyses from prior years to comprehend the exam’s format, level of difficulty, and question categories. This will also aid candidates in determining their exam strategy.

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The following article Crucial Last Minute Analysis of NEET 2022 Question Paper Findings based on expert opinions and student feedback. The NEET  2022 is also comparable to that of the previous year. Exam difficulty ranged from moderate to rigorous.

In NEET 2022, Physics has been deemed the most difficult section, whereas Biology has been deemed the simplest. The Chemistry examination was simple to moderate in difficulty. The exam format for NEET 2022 has not changed, but the duration has been extended by 20 minutes. This has been a relief for NEET candidates and has helped them better manage their time.

All of the questions were from the NEET curriculum and are based on NCERT topics. According to the students, the weighting of queries from Class 12 chapters and topics was average. The NEET 2022 analysis will help aspirants comprehend the question paper’s difficulty level and predict the NEET 2022 cutoff.

Candidates can stud the NEET 2022 analysis to view the responses of students who took the examination. In the NEET exam analysis, they can also discover the distribution of questions by section. Here, candidates can find a comprehensive analysis of the NEET question papers from the past three years. Continue reading to learn more

Latest NEET 2023 Exam Paper Pattern

NEET is an offline test that is done with a pen and paper. This test is 3 hours and 20 minutes long and is made up of objective questions. Each part is worth the following number of points.

Also, there is a small change in how the NEET 2023 test is set up. Each subject includes 2 parts – Section A (35 questions), and Section B (15 questions). Out of the 15 questions in Section B, you can answer any 10 of them.

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let’s start Crucial Last Minute Analysis of NEET 2022 Question Paper subject-wise.

Each subject—Physics, Chemistry, and Biology—had two parts. Section A had 35 questions, and Section B had 15 questions. In Section B, candidates could only answer 10 of the questions. After the test was over, experts from different teaching centers shared their thoughts. Here, candidates can read a full review of NEET 2022.

The objective of the NEET question paper analysis for 2022 is to provide candidates with a sense of the difficulty level of the examination. According to student feedback, the difficulty level of the NEET question paper for 2022 was moderate. The NEET section-by-section analysis is provided below.

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Physics NEET 2022 Analysis


·         Section A of the Physics exam contained a total of 35 questions.

·         The questions were separated into six categories: Mechanics, Heat, SHM & Waves, Electro-dynamics,                    Optics, and Contemporary & electronics.

·         The mechanics’ section contained the most questions with a total of 12, eight of which were simple and four of which were moderately difficult.

·         There were a total of nine questions on electrodynamics, of which four were simple, four were moderate,           and one was challenging.

·         Modern & electronics contained a total of seven questions, four of which were simple and three of which          were moderately difficult.

·         The four questions on optics were all basic and easy

·         One question on Heat was easy, while the other was of moderate difficulty.

·         There was only one easy question on the SHM & Waves exam.

·         Only one question in the entire section was challenging, and it was related to electrodynamics.


·         The second section of the Physics exam contained 15 questions in total.

·         In this section, mechanics and electrodynamics were the most prevalent topics.

·         The section’s queries ranged in difficulty from moderate to demanding.

·         There were a total of eight simple questions, five medium questions, and two difficult questions in the section.

·         This category had the greatest proportion of complex questions, with one out of every two questions falling into this category.

Chemistry NEET 2022 Analysis


·         The Chemistry Section A of the NEET 2022 contained 45 questions in total.

·         The majority of the questions were based on the NCERT, and the proportion of theoretical questions was relatively high.

·         31% of the section’s questions were simple to moderate, giving candidates an opportunity to perform well.

·         Inorganic Chemistry carried greater weight than Physical Chemistry.

·         Class 12 Organic Chemistry had the most queries with a total of eight, of which three were simple and five were of medium difficulty.

·         Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry had the greatest number of simple queries with a total of 4.

·         The section contained four to five numerical and graphical questions.

·         There were a total of 13 simple questions, 16 medium questions, and 6 difficult questions in the section.


·         There were a total of fifteen questions covering Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry in the Chemistry section.

·         This section’s difficulty was simple to moderate, with a uniform distribution of queries across various topics.

·         Classes 11 and 12 in organic chemistry had a total of four questions, of which two were medium and two were simple.

·         Class 12 Inorganic Chemistry contained a total of three questions, of which two were simple and one was moderate.

·         In Class 11 and Class 12 Physical Chemistry, there were a total of six queries, three of which were of medium difficulty.

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Biology NEET 2022 Analysis

The Biology section of the NEET 2022 exam was the most straightforward. This section contained 90 questions, which were separated into Botany and Zoology questions. According to the specialists, the Botany segment was more difficult than the Zoology section.

In contrast, most questions in the Zoology section were drawn from the Class 12 curriculum. The Human Physiology segment contained the most queries, while the Ecology section carried the least weight.

The Zoology section of the NEET 2022 was moderately simple. Approximately 30% of the topics are regarded as difficult. Questions pertaining to Animal Husbandry, Biotechnology, Human Reproduction, and Biomolecules dominated this section.

Comparatively, the Botany segment of the NEET 2022 was more difficult than the Zoology section. Approximately 30% of the topics are regarded as simple. This section was dominated by questions pertaining to genetics, the cell and cell cycle, the diversity of life, and plant structural organisation. Examine the topical distribution of Botany questions posed on the NEET 2022 exam.


·         The section on botany contained 50 questions with various simple, moderate, and difficult difficulty levels.

·         Among others, the section covered the Plant Kingdom, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Biodiversity and Conservation.

·         The topic with the most queries was Molecular Basis of Inheritance with four, followed by Principles of Inheritance and Variation with three.

·         The section on zoology contained a total of 25 questions with varying degrees of difficulty.

·         Animal Kingdom, Structural Organisation in Animals, Digestive System, Respiratory System, and Nervous System were among the topics covered in Zoology.

·         Both sections contained questions related to Ecology, with Botany containing two and Zoology three.

·         There were a total of 75 questions in the Botany and Zoology sections.


Over the years, it has been clear that the number of people taking the NEET has gone up sharply which means the Crucial Last Minute Analysis of the NEET 2022 Question Paper has great importance for the aspirants.

Every year there is an increment rise in the number of students attempting the exam, Nearly 11.4 million students took NEET in 2018, but close to 13.5 million people signed up for NEET in 2019. Nearly 15.97 lakh people signed up for NEET 2020, and this time close to 16.14 lakh people signed up for NEET 2021.

This rise can be explained by the fact that more and more states are choosing to use NEET scores instead of other popular entrance tests are given at the state level to get into the field of medicine, which are no longer given.

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