GSEB 10th Result 2024: Record High Pass Rate & Surprising Disparities

GSEB 10th Result 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

The declaration of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) Class 10th results is a momentous occasion for students, parents, and educators alike. The 2024 outcomes have evoked a combination of enthusiasm and alleviation, signifying another significant achievement in the educational voyage of several kids around Gujarat. Now, let’s thoroughly examine this year’s findings and their implications for the educational field. Also, read CBSE Results LIVE: Stay Tuned for Class 10th and 12th Results on and Digilocker App!

GSEB 10th Result 2024: Record High Pass Rate & Surprising Disparities

Pass Percentage and Academic Achievement:

The GSEB 10th Result 2024 stands out for having a remarkable overall pass rate of 82.56%. This signifies a significant rise in comparison to prior years and emphasizes the commitment and diligence of the pupils. The ability to attain such a high degree of accomplishment while facing several hurdles is praiseworthy and demonstrates the tenacity and will of Gujarat’s young students.

Availability of Results and Accessibility

The results were accessible to students and parents on May 11, 2024, on the official GSEB website, The early distribution of the results allowed that students could swiftly access them and make appropriate plans for their future actions. The availability of results online has simplified the procedure, reducing the need for in-person visits to schools or test locations, and offering convenience and easy access to all involved.

Supplementary Examination Opportunity

Although the pass rate is often high, there are students who may have encountered difficulties or obstacles in certain topics. In order to tackle this issue, the GSEB provides an additional examination chance for students who have not achieved a passing grade in one, two, or three topics. This effort demonstrates the board’s dedication to providing each student with an opportunity to enhance their academic performance and advance towards their educational objectives.

Gseb 10th Result 2024 Record High Pass Rate & Surprising Disparities .............

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Grade Distribution and Subject-wise Performance

Examination of the grade distribution among accomplished students provides valuable information about their academic accomplishments and areas that need development. Subjects such as Gujarati, Hindi, English, Social Science, Science, and Mathematics have achieved impressive pass rates, demonstrating the varied academic abilities of Gujarat’s student population. The pass percentage of almost 99.45% in standard Mathematics is a notable indication of the high level of skill among students in this important subject.

District-wise Performance

There are noticeable differences in academic achievement when analyzing outcomes at the district level. Gandhinagar has emerged as the district with the highest performance this year, with an excellent pass percentage of 87.22%. In contrast, the pass rate in Bhavnagar district was the lowest at 41.13%, highlighting the unequal educational achievements in various areas. To resolve these inequalities, it is necessary to implement specific measures and distribute resources fairly to guarantee that all students have equal access to high-quality education.

Gender Disparity and Trends

Consistent with prior years, female students have shown superior performance compared to their male counterparts in the 2024 GSEB 10th examinations. The data reveals that 86.89% of girls have successfully passed, but only 79.12% of males have achieved the same. This significant difference emphasizes the need to take focused actions to tackle gender-related disparities in education. Ensuring equal assistance and opportunity for all students, irrespective of their gender, is crucial for cultivating inclusive and fair learning environments.

Gseb 10th Result 2024 Record High Pass Rate & Surprising Disparities

Steps to Check Results

The official GSEB website has streamlined and enhanced the process of verifying results, making it easier and more convenient. Students may get their results by visiting the website, going to the exam results area, entering their login information, and submitting to see and download their results. This efficient approach guarantees that students may quickly retrieve their findings and make well-informed choices about their academic future.

Grade Distribution:

Grade Number of Students
A-1 23,247
A-2 78,803
B-1 118,710
B-2 143,894
C-1 134,432
C-2 72,252
D 6,110
E-1 18
Differently-abled (Adjusted Passing Standard) 398


In conclusion, the GSEB 10th Result 2024 is a noteworthy achievement in the educational progress of children in Gujarat. Their academic achievement reflects their diligent efforts, unwavering commitment, and ability to overcome diverse obstacles. It is crucial to acknowledge the combined efforts of students, parents, educators, and legislators in supporting and fostering the future leaders and innovators, as pupils either celebrate their accomplishments or prepare for further tests. It is essential to progress by building upon these accomplishments and consistently aiming for high-quality education, guaranteeing that every student has the chance to fulfil their maximum capabilities.

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