IGNOU Results 2024 : Check Scores, Revaluation, Improvement Exams & FAQs

Starting at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a worthy endeavour with obstacles and rewards. Students are anxiously awaiting the December 2024 IGNOU Results, which will reveal a vital chapter in their academic journey. This thorough handbook covers scoring, reassessment, and improvement examinations, and gives clear answers to commonly asked issues. Join us as we decipher IGNOU Results 2024 and help students succeed academically.

IGNOU Results 2024 : Check Scores, Revaluation, Improvement Exams & FAQs

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How to Figure Out IGNOU Result Dates 2024: The Indira Gandhi National Open University conducts term-end exams biannually in June and December. For the June 2024 session, results are anticipated to be released in July. This timeline provides students with a crucial roadmap to plan their academic endeavours effectively.

Putting out the IGNOU Result 2024: Checking your IGNOU Term End Examination (TEE) score is a straightforward online process. Follow these steps to reveal your academic performance:

  1. Visit ignou.ac.in, the main IGNOU website.
  2. Click on “Student Support” at the upper right of the home page.
  3. Navigate to the “Results” link in the drop-down box.
  4. In the “Term-End” section on the left side of the page, click on “June 2024 Exam Result.”
  5. Enter your nine-digit registration number in the provided login box.
  6. Initiate result retrieval by clicking the “Submit” button.

How to Read Your IGNOU Result 2024: Your IGNOU score provides a comprehensive overview of your performance in the term-end test. Pay attention to specific details such as grades, program name, course number, maximum marks, marks earned, and relevant information. This holistic understanding enables an accurate assessment of your academic progress.

Ignou Results 2024 Check Scores, Revaluation, Improvement Exams & Faqs......


Early Declaration: A Smart Move for Students in Their Last Year: Under specific conditions, IGNOU permits final-year students to receive their results early. This option proves beneficial for individuals seeking employment or further education. To avail this service, submit an application form for early result announcement along with the requisite fee.

Take the IGNOU Improvement Exam 2024 to improve your grades: The IGNOU Improvement Exam is a valuable opportunity for students aspiring to enhance their grades in graduation or post-graduation programs. Open to eligible candidates, this option focuses on theory tests and provides a pathway for academic improvement.

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IGNOU Improvement Exam 2024 Eligibility Criteria: Students in graduation or post-graduation programs aiming to excel in theory tests have a significant opportunity through the IGNOU Improvement Exam 2024. The eligibility criteria for candidates seeking to undertake the improvement exam include:

  1. Plans for Graduation:
  • Graduates seeking improvement in division tests.
  • Individuals with bachelor’s degrees grades 2% lower than the required first or second-division criteria.

After College or University:

  • Candidates for advanced programs with grades 2% below the required 55%.

Steps to Apply for the IGNOU Improvement Exam:

  1. Visit the Official IGNOU Website: Go to ignou.ac.in, the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  2. Navigate to “Student Support”: Click on “Student Support” in the upper right part of the home page.
  3. Access the “Downloads” section: In the drop-down menu, locate and click on “Downloads.”
  4. Retrieve the Improvement Exam Form: Find the Improvement Exam Application Form in the “Downloads” section, download, and print it.
  5. Complete the Required fields: Fill in accurate information on the application form, including personal details, program information, registration number, and details of the course to be improved.
  6. Attach the Required Documents: Include a copy of the grade report from the last test intended for improvement.
  7. Submit the Application Form: Take the filled-out application form and necessary documents to the Regional Centre where you are registered.
  8. Pay the Application Fee: Fulfil the required fee payment as indicated in the entry form.
  9. Keep a Copy of the Application Form: Retain a copy of the filled-out application form and proof of fee payment for future reference.

Important Notes

  • The Improvement Exam is applicable only for theory tests and not for practice, project, or lab grades.
  • Candidates must adhere to the submission deadlines specified by IGNOU.
  • Ensure that the information provided on the application form aligns with official records.

Seizing the opportunity to enhance academic performance through the IGNOU Improvement Exam requires careful adherence to the outlined steps and criteria. Aspiring candidates should submit their applications within the stipulated timelines, ensuring accuracy in their provided information.

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In the pursuit of academic success, students dissatisfied with term-end exam results can opt for revaluation. By submitting the revaluation application form with a fee of Rs 750 per course within one month of the result declaration, students initiate the process. Officials review the answer scripts, and an additional fee allows for obtaining photocopies for transparency.

Final Note

In conclusion, navigating the IGNOU test maze requires a smart understanding of result-checking procedures and subsequent opportunities for academic growth. In the academic maze, the IGNOU Results 2024 demonstrate devotion and perseverance. Revaluation and improvement examinations are part of this path, along with scores. With this guide’s observations and answers, students may confidently plan their future. Stay updated, prepared, and relish the journey of lifelong learning facilitated by IGNOU

Frequently Asked Questions about the IGNOU Result June 2024 ( FAQS)

Q1. When can I expect to see the IGNOU TEE June 2024 result?

The IGNOU 2024 TEE June result is likely to be released in July.

Q2. How do I find out what my IGNOU review score for 2024 is?

The revision result for the June 2024 TEE will be released about one month after the term-end test results.

Q3. IGNOU revaluation: Do I need to pay a fee?

Yes, students must send a demand draft (DD) for Rs. 750 per course to IGNOU to cover the revising fee.

Q4. Who should apply to have their IGNOU Term End Exam re-graded?

Candidates unhappy with the results of their term-end exams can apply for an IGNOU review.

Q5. How can I find out more about the IGNOU result?

Check details such as registration number, program name, course code, grades, points obtained, highest possible score, month and year, date of last update, and any comments.

Q6. What if IGNOU doesn’t give you the whole result?

Incomplete IGNOU results indicate that the university hasn’t uploaded them yet, usually after careful grading of test papers.

Q7. How do I get my IGNOU grade report?

IGNOU mark cards for the December 2024 TEE will be available on the official website. Choose your program and provide your registration number to access the report cards.

Q8. How do I ask IGNOU to reevaluate my degree?

Fill out the revised application form and submit it with the required fee within one month of the result announcement.

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