IIM Ahmedabad Achieves 100% Placement with Highest Package: ₹1.15 Crore

IIM Ahmedabad Achieves 100% Placement: A Comprehensive Look at the Class of 2024’s Success

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad proudly announces a 100% MBA Class of 2024 placement rate, demonstrating its dedication to academic excellence and leadership development. 28 well-known companies took part in the tough hiring process, which confirmed IIM Ahmedabad’s position as India’s best business school. The campus was filled with the joy of success. Because it was worth an impressive ₹1.15 Crore, the biggest prize among the many success stories jumped out. This showed how dedicated the school was to developing talent and connecting education and business. Read More India Soars! ISB and IIMs Shine in FT Global MBA Rankings 2024

 IIM Ahmedabad Achieves 100% Placement with Highest Package: ₹1.15 Crore

I. Key Highlights of IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023

  1. Overall Placement Scenario:
    • A total of 28 firms participated in the second phase of placements.
    • Accenture and Boston Consulting Group emerged as the top recruiters, making the most offers, including pre-placement offers (PPOs).
  2. Package Details:
    • The highest package at IIM Ahmedabad witnessed a remarkable 87% increase to INR 1.15 CPA.
    • The average package also rose by 5% to INR 34.36 LPA for the PGP batch of 2023.
    • Notable recruiters included Emaar, A91 Partners, BCG, PwC, KPMG, and HSBC.
  3. Comparative Analysis with Other Top IIMs:
    • IIM Ahmedabad’s highest and average packages for 2023 surpassed those of other premier IIMs like Bangalore and Calcutta.
  4. Sector-wise Placements:
    • Consulting, Investment Banking, Conglomerates/FMCG, and BFSI/IT/E-Commerce were the major sectors, offering diverse opportunities.

II. Detailed Sector-wise Analysis of IIM Ahmedabad Placements 2023

  1. Consulting Sector:
    • Top firms like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company were prominent recruiters.
    • Consulting roles offered varied compensation packages ranging from INR 27 – 41 LPA.
  2. Investment Banking Sector:
    • Goldman Sachs, Avendus Capital, and HSBC were among the key recruiters.
    • Investment banking roles came with competitive packages ranging from INR 30 LPA to INR 67 LPA.
  3. Conglomerates/FMCG Sector:
    • Adani Group, Asian Paints, Coca-Cola, and Amazon were some leading recruiters.
    • Compensation packages in this sector ranged from INR 23 LPA to an impressive INR 1.15 Cr.
  4. BFSI/IT/E-Commerce Sector:
    • Amazon, Flipkart, Wells Fargo, and Microsoft were major players in this sector.
    • Offered packages ranged from INR 23 – 63 LPA.


Iim Ahmedabad Achieves 100% Placement With Highest Package ₹1.15 Crore......

III. Cluster-wise Placements and Company-wise Offers

  1. Cluster-wise Statistics:
    • The placement process was organized into clusters, with McKinsey, BCG, and TCS making significant offers in their respective clusters.
  2. Top Company-wise Offers:
    • McKinsey & Company and BCG secured the highest number of offers during the placement drive.

IV. PGPX Placements 2023

  1. Placement Highlights:
    • PGPX placements recorded a total of 178 offers with a diverse range of sectors represented.
    • The highest domestic package stood at INR 1.08 CPA, while the highest international package was $212,347.
  2. Sector-wise Distribution:
    • Consulting, IT Services, and BFSI were major sectors, showcasing the versatility of opportunities for PGPX candidates.

V. Summer Internship Placements:

  1. PGP Summer Internship 2025:
    • The internship process concluded with an impressive 404 placements and a 100% internship percentage.
    • Consulting remained a dominant sector, with BCG emerging as the top recruiter.
  2. Summer Internship Highlights:
    • BCG, Bain & Company, and Mc Kinsey were among the top recruiters, making substantial offers in various sectors.

Iim Ahmedabad Achieves 100% Placement With Highest Package

VI. Notable Achievements and New Recruiters

  1. Dream Applications and Flexibility:
    • A notable feature was the introduction of “dream applications,” with 65 students exploring their preferred sectors or functions even with offers in hand.
    • Accenture led with 26 offers, closely followed by Boston Consulting Group with 23 offers.
  2. New Recruiters:
    • Despite a challenging job market, 23 new recruiters participated, showcasing the resilience and attractiveness of IIM Ahmedabad graduates.

VII. Testimonials and Future Outlook:

  1. Recruiters’ Perspectives:
    • Elevation Capital and Simon Kucher shared positive experiences, highlighting the quality and maturity of IIM Ahmedabad students.
  2. Placement Committee Insights:
    • The placement committee emphasized the increase in both participating companies and the diversity of roles offered, reflecting the rising demand for top-tier talent.

Final Note

IIM Ahmedabad’s huge success in the last few days of the hiring season can be heard far beyond its campus. The numbers say it all: the PGP class of 2023 had a perfect placement record, the biggest package went up by an amazing 87% to ₹1.15 Crore, and the average package reached a new high of ₹34.36 LPA. As we say goodbye to yet another successful placement year, the school not only celebrates the successes of its graduates but also strengthens its position as a leader in management education. The path from classes to boardrooms is smooth, giving the MBA Class of 2024 a bright and exciting future.

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