Leadership Redefined: IIMB Opens Applications for 9 Months Coaching Certification Program

Become a Visionary Coach in 9 Months- Gain ICF accreditation and develop powerful coaching techniques to drive team success.

With the start of its new Certificate Programme in Leadership Coaching, the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) has raised the bar for leadership growth. This creative nine-month programme is designed for managers and leaders who want to improve their teaching skills and have a good effect on their teams. Let’s learn more about this life-changing program’s application process, its most important parts of the curriculum, and the unmatched chances it gives for professional growth. Can explore India Soars! ISB and IIMs Shine in FT Global MBA Rankings 2024

Leadership Redefined: IIMB Opens Applications for 9 Months Coaching Certification Program

Understanding the Programme

The IIMB Certificate Programme in Leadership Coaching is meant to give people the tools they need to reach their full coaching potential and help their organisations develop a mindset of good leadership. For nine months, the training is meant to give members the skills and information they need to successfully manage the complicated world of leadership coaching.

Application Process and Deadline

People who want to be considered for this prestigious course have until February 28, 2024, to send in their applications. There is an official page for IIMB where you can fill out the application. It is required that individuals send their resume and diploma during the application process. The shortlisted prospects will be released on March 5 and 12, 2024. This will be the start of a trip that will improve your education.

Coaching Certification Program........

Curriculum Overview

The course is split into three thorough units, and each one was carefully designed to give learners a complete idea of how to teach and lead a team effectively. The first lesson is all about the basics of teaching and improving your own and other people’s efficiency. After that, the second lesson goes into more detail about the actual side of teaching, such as developing and using new skills. Finally, the last lesson gives trainees a chance to use what they’ve learned and build their “Coaching Muscle” in real life.

Programme Features and Benefits

Participants will be given the prestigious IIMB EEP graduate title when they successfully complete the training. They will also get a teaching licence at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level from the International teaching Federation (ICF). This licence not only boosts the trustworthiness of those who get it, but it also opens up new job possibilities in the area of leadership teaching.

Learning Environment and Resources

The course has a flexible learning environment with both live online lessons and in-person meetings. Participants will have the rare chance to learn from both IIM Bangalore’s expert teachers and Leadership That Works (LTW)’s experienced coaches. Through case studies, engaging workshops, and chances to network, attendees will learn more about the ins and outs of leadership coaching and grow their professional networks.

Coaching Certification Program

Programme Fees and Accessibility

The Certificate Programme in Leadership Coaching costs Rs 7,40,000 per year. The fee is fair given the value and level of the education provided, but IIMB also offers financial aid to make sure that qualified applicants can attend. IIMB is committed to developing diverse talent and improving the quality of leadership teaching, and this commitment to inclusion shows that.

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Testimonials and Success Stories

Success stories and testimonials from people who have been through IIMB’s leadership coaching courses say that they made big steps forward in their careers and grew as people. Many of our graduates have gone on to become leaders in their own companies, using their teaching skills to make things better and motivate their teams. It’s clear from these success stories that IIMB’s leadership coaching programmes work and have an effect.

Ending Note

For people who want to become leaders and managers, the Certificate Programme in Leadership Coaching at IIM Bangalore is a life-changing chance. The course gives individuals the tools and information they need to do well in today’s fast-paced business world through its thorough syllabus, knowledgeable teachers, and hands-on teaching. People who want to be leaders should take this chance to start the IIMB’s leadership coaching course and grow personally and professionally. Unlock your teaching ability to make the future better for you and your company. Send in your application right now to take the first step towards becoming a visionary leader in your field.

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