IIM Lucknow IPMX program students take part in 3 week long international visit

IIM Lucknow students had an opportunity to visit some of the finest institutions abroad. Over 107 students of IPMX programme of IIM Lucknow went for a 3 week long visit to IÉSEG School of Management in France, Switzerland, and Belgium for an enriching international immersion program.

IPMX course at IIM Lucknow is also known as International Programme in Management for Executives. They have returned with fresh perspectives on various business topics, combining their classroom learning at IIM Lucknow with global insights gained during their experience abroad.

IIM LucknowImmersion

During the immersion, students of IIM Lucknow engaged in a variety of activities and modules, such as Intercultural Business Management, Strategic Innovation and AI, Fintech, and International Negotiation.

They not only visited companies to gain insights into real-world business environments but also participated in cultural experiences to understand European customers across three different countries, say sources from IIM Lucknow.

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Additionally, their visit to the European Commission allowed them to witness its functioning, say sources from IIM Lucknow. This international immersion is aimed to provide a holistic learning experience, combining academic and practical elements while fostering cultural understanding and global networking opportunities.


Prof. Garima Mittal, Chairperson of IPMX at IIM Lucknow, commented on the unique features of IIM Lucknow’s IPMX international immersion, stating, “The international immersion for IPMX students is unique in many ways.

Traveling across different countries gives our students a newer way to view business. Rooted in its international nature, we strive to provide our students with a rich tapestry of practical knowledge.

Be it through our classroom training or blending in different cultures, our international immersion program is its essence, said Prof Garima of IIM Lucknow.


Sharing her experience, Ms. Ekta Argal, one of the students from the IPMX program of IIM Lucknow who went on the immersion said, international immersion is the highlight of this flagship program.

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The beauty of this immersion is the dynamic nature of the curriculum and how it is designed to fit into cultures of various countries, trending topics of fintech and AI, and tactical skills to master negotiation in a multi-cultural workforce, said Ms Ekta Agarwal.

Professors not only covered the developments in Europe but also highlighted its significance and potential in India to capture value for outgoing global managers.

‘As the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ so we made the best use of our free time to explore the romantic light of Paris, the picturesque valley of Swiss suburban, and the cosmopolitan vibe of Brussels.’

IIM LucknowInternational immersion

Mr. Arun S. Kishore, another student from the program of IIM Lucknow, added, “The international immersion for our IPMX batch represented a departure from our regular routine and a transition to a new environment.

Stepping out of our daily routine, we had the unique opportunity to learn and embark on excursions in foreign lands, immersing ourselves in cultures we had not encountered before.

Guided by distinguished professors and exposed to European teaching methodologies, we made sure to make the most of this experience by learning while we travelled, gaining a profound understanding of global management on the go, he said.

Transformative experience

Mr. Tejas Kinger also emphasized, “The international immersion program at IÉSEG Business School, Paris, as part of the 16th batch of IIM Lucknow’s IPMX course, was a transformative experience.

I loved the exposure to new teaching methods, such as simulation exercises, which allowed me to experientially dive deeper into new-age subjects.

This program helped me become more independent, adaptable, and open-minded. It also helped me appreciate my own culture more. My time at IÉSEG broadened my horizons and I am grateful to have experienced it, he said.

IIM LucknowBalance

IIM Lucknow’s IPMX program is a balanced mix of teaching methods, including case-based learning, class discussions, assignments, and field projects. Some courses also operate as workshops.

The program achieved the 90th rank in the FT Global Rankings 2023. This short yet intensive program is open to established industry professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of business at both functional and strategic levels to upskill themselves, say sources from IIM Lucknow.



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