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IIT Bhilai ties up with DAAD for international scientific cooperation

IIT Bhilai signed an MoU with Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), a German
Academic Exchange Service, to further their mutual scientific interests and promote greater collaboration between both countries.

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The German Academic Exchange Service is the largest German support organization in international academic cooperation, and its collaboration with IIT Bhilai will enable a greater flow of information and key scientific knowledge.

IIT BhilaiBy signing this MoU, both institutions recognize the mutual value of academic and scientific cooperation among scientists from both countries and strive to build cordial relations between their students and researchers, say sources from IIT Bhilai.

The DAAD and IIT Bhilai’s bilateral exchange program aims to enhance collaboration between them and German universities or research institutions.

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Speaking about the importance of this collaboration, Prof. Rajiv Prakash, Director, IIT Bhilai said this collaboration will lead to the two-way transfer of knowledge and will strengthen our research collaborations.


Under this partnership, reciprocal visits will be conducted, with up to three faculty members
from IIT Bhilai traveling to German universities, and faculty from Germany visiting India for a research stay, which will also include lecturing activities, say sources from IIT Bhilai.

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The researchers may practice in any discipline or subject area and can visit the partner institution for up to three months.

IIT BhilaiOutcomes

The expected outcomes of the collaboration between the two organizations will include:

 Greater crossflow across countries and universities to boost knowledge-sharing and
increase awareness of key issues and topics.

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 Finding solutions to real-world problems by discussing new perspectives and allowing students in classrooms to gain better insights from faculty around the world.

 Undertaking joint studies through mutually agreed modalities on issues of common


Speaking about how this collaboration will help IIT Bhilai community, Prof. Prakash added, the faculty members of the institution will have hands-on exposure to the technologies and
research happening in the world and implementing these skills to the classroom teaching will broaden the vision of the students.


The partnership between the institution and DAAD represents a significant milestone in
fostering global scientific collaboration and this MoU symbolizes the Institute’s commitment
to nurturing academic and research synergies across borders.

IIT BhilaiAbout IIT Bhilai

IIT Bhilai was established in the State of Chhattisgarh by Ministry of Human Resource and Development in the year 2016.

It offers Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Master of Technology (MTech), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctoral programs (PhD) in various departments.

The institution has established a 3-D Printing Lab that constitutes an integral part of 3-D Modeling and Design course, a fabrication lab, an electrical lab, a computer lab and a library in a short duration.

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