IIT Jodhpur unveils cutting edge EV Charging Adapter

IIT Jodhpur researchers have announced a groundbreaking advancement in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology.

The researchers at IIT Jodhpur were spearheaded by Dr. Nishant Kumar from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

IIT JodhpurThis new development addresses the critical need for EV charging infrastructure in remote areas, leveraging isolated pillar-top solar panels for sustainable and efficient energy delivery, say IIT Jodhpur researchers.

Innovative Solution

EV batteries, with their finite energy storage, require reliable recharging solutions, say sources from IIT Jodhpur.

While urban centers are equipped with ample charging facilities, remote and sparsely populated areas face significant challenges.

Large countries such as Canada, China, the United States, India, Australia, Russia, and several Arab states are increasingly considering pillar-top solar panel installations in isolated locations to provide emergency EV charging, say sources from IIT Jodhpur.

Dr. Kumar’s research introduces a specialized sensor-based low-cost charging adapter designed to maximize the efficiency and safety of this setup.

Most importantly, it can be easily attached to the company-provided charging adapters without tampering with the charging adapter, so the manufacturing warranty of the product will not be violated.

IIT JodhpurKey features

The proposed charging adapter uses a sophisticated algorithm known as Only Single Input Adaptive Fuzzy Logic tuned Deterministic Optimization (SIAFL-DO) to ensure optimal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and precise battery charge management.

This innovative system employs a single current sensor, making it both cost-effective and highly responsive, say IIT Jodhpur researchers.

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Efficient Power Management: The SIAFL-DO algorithm accurately executes MPPT, extracting the maximum power from solar panels while securely managing the charging process.

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Industrial Compatibility: The adapter meets the stringent European Standard EN50530, demonstrating its suitability for industrial application.

Safety and Reliability: Integrated battery management features protect against adverse conditions, ensuring safe charging in remote locations.

Cost-Effectiveness: The use of a single sensor reduces costs and minimizes susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, making the system more reliable and affordable.


The research by IIT Jodhpur researchers involved extensive testing using a hardware prototype to assess the adapter’s compatibility and performance.

Comparative studies with cutting-edge methods confirmed that the SIAFL-DO approach outperforms existing algorithms, particularly in terms of stability and dynamic response.

IIT JodhpurImplications

This advancement holds significant promise for expanding EV infrastructure to areas where traditional charging stations are impractical or uneconomical, say sources from IIT Jodhpur.

By harnessing solar power through innovative charging adapters, remote regions can now benefit from sustainable and efficient EV charging solutions.

About IIT Jodhpur

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur is a premier institution dedicated to fostering technological innovation and research excellence.

Its mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies that address real-world challenges and contribute to the nation’s progress.

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