IIT Madras researchers filed great 184 patents in 2020

Posted by S. Vishnu Sharma on April 21, 2021
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IIT Madras researchers filed 184 patents during 2020 overcoming several months of nationwide lockdown.

Patents filed by IIT Madras researchers include nine patents related to COVID-19 for inventions ranging from ‘Systems and methods for detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and a standalone portable single use and wireless ventilator system besides a system for non-invasive calibtration-free blood pressure measurement and Smart and Sustainable devices for infectious Mask and PPE waste treatment.

IIT MadrasIt is interesting to note that IIT Madras creatd an eco system that encourages and facilitates its researchers towards filing patents.

It is driven by the translational and transformational research undertaken by the faculty members and researcher scholars in areas that are relevant to the industry.

IIT Madras researchers filed great 184 patents in 2020

Besides medical and healthcare, IIT Madras researchers filed several patents related to 5G, telecommunications, sensors and instrumentation, among others.

Another major highlight in the patents filed for from IIT Madras has been the steady increase in international patents.

From 22 in the calendar year 2017, the total number of international patents has almost tripled in just four years, reaching 65 during 2020.

The Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR) at IIT Madras has undertaken many initiatives in recent years to drive this increase in patents being filed in India and abroad.

There is a dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) Cell at ICSR of IIT Madras that conducts awareness programme regularly to sensitize students and faculty members on the importance of IP protection and monetization.

IIT MadrasThis cell at IIT Madras instituted work from home immediately after lockdown and took all activities completely online to ensure the process continued to function smoothly.

Speaking about filing of patents by IIT Madras researchers during previous year, Professor Ravindra Gettu, dean (ICSR) at IIT Madras said IT Madras has facilitated continuous support to its faculty members and students for patent filing over the last decade.

The innovations at the Institute have resulted in the filing of 184 patents (Indian and International) during the year 2020.

The extensive research related to COVID-19, has led to the Institute shortlisting nine IDF (Invention Disclosure Form) to be filed during the year 2020, said Professor Ravindra.

The IIT Madras in-house IP analytics team also provides support to Inventors with a report of comprehensive ‘prior art’ search results.

This helps inventors understand the patentability of their inventions and also helps to design around, if needed, before filing patent applications.

It is also interesting to note that IIT Madras took various measures during 2020 to ensure the process of patent filing went ahead smoothly.

The measures are given below:

$ Organizing virtual IDF meetings (Invention Disclosure Form):

IIT MadrasThe Institute facilitates an online IDF (Invention Disclosure Form) submission system, through which inventors can submit their invention to IP Cell online for review and feedback.

This provision reduces the turn-around time for approval and filing of patents.

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An invention disclosure, or invention disclosure report, is a confidential document written by a scientist or engineer to determine whether patent protection should be sought for the described invention.

$ Virtual Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) meetings:

The PCT assists applicants in seeking patent protection internationally for their inventions.

By filing one international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in all the countries that are party to the PCT (153 countries, as on date).

$ Have An Idea’ program:

Other new initiatives implemented during 2020 include – ‘Have An Idea’ program for brainstorming and idea discussions before submitting invention disclosure to IP cell, virtual collaboration with attorneys and online filing of provisional applications.

Virtual IP awareness programs for faculty, researchers and students were also conducted.

IIT Madras facilitates online filing (e-filing) of Provisional application at Indian patent office and is also equipped to perform in-house management of patent maintenance and filing of working statement of patents.

The Institute has also empanelled reputed IP firms for patent application filings, prosecutions of patent application, maintenance (Foreign) and providing IP activities-related support.

The number of patents filed by IIT Madras in tabular format is given below:



Indian International Total
1. 2020 119 65 184
2. 2019 128 62 190
3. 2018 154 37 191
4. 2017 95 22 117


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