IIT Roorkee organizes awareness programme

IIT Roorkee organized an awareness programme on MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme: Industry-Academia Interface.

The event was held on 2 March 2024 with the collaborative support of Roorkee Small Scale Industrial Association (RSSIA), Design Innovation Center at IIT Roorkee, and DFO, MSME Haldwani.

IIT RoorkeeThe event aimed to further bridge the gap between industry and academia in fostering design-driven innovation, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

Chief guest at IIT Roorkee

B. B. Gupta, President, RSSIA, Roorkee, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, lending his expertise and insights to the discourse on environmental sustainability and innovative design practices.

The event witnessed the distinguished presence of several esteemed dignitaries who contributed significantly to the dialogue, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

H.M. Kapoor, Member, RSSIA, Roorkee, Prof. Inderdeep Singh, Head, Department of Design/Coordinator, Design Innovation Center, IIT Roorkee, Dr. Ajay Digamber Jain, Senior Vice-President, SMAU, Uttarakhand were among the eminent personalities to take part in the event.

Prof. Bibhuti Ranjan Bhattacharjya, Assistant Professor, Department of Design, IIT Roorkee and Ketan Bhardwaj, Chairman (Department Affair), RSSIA, Roorkee were also among the eminent personalities to take part in the event.


Reflecting on the significance of the event, Prof. Inderdeep Singh, Head, Department of Design and Coordinator, Design, Innovation Center, IIT Roorkee, said the MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme underscores the pivotal role of design thinking in propelling MSMEs towards competitiveness and sustainability.

Collaborating with industry stakeholders and leveraging the expertise of academia, we can foster a culture of innovation that drives economic growth and societal progress, said Prof Inderdeep of IIT Roorkee.

IIT RoorkeeConclusion

The event concluded on a high note, with participants expressing their commitment to leveraging design-driven innovation as a catalyst for growth and transformation within the MSME sector, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

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The collaborative efforts among IIT Roorkee, the Ministry of MSME, and industry stakeholders as showcased in the ‘MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme’ awareness program signify a transformative alliance.

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IITR’s pivotal role, as the Implementing Agency, underscores its commitment to fostering an impactful Industry-Academia Interface.

The institute’s expertise in the field, exemplified by the Department of Design and the Design Innovation Center, promises to provide valuable solutions to real-time design challenges, propelling the Indian manufacturing sector towards innovation, growth, and global competitiveness.

IITR stands as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a dynamic and collaborative future for MSMEs in the realm of design and innovation.


We are honored to spearhead the ‘MSME Innovative (Design) Scheme’ in collaboration with the Ministry of MSME and industry partners, said Director of IITR.

IITR is committed to fostering a transformative bridge between academia and industry, propelling MSMEs towards innovative design solutions and heightened competitiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, he said.

IIT RoorkeeDesign

Design awareness is instrumental in empowering MSMEs to harness the full potential of design thinking across their product lifecycle. By fostering a design-centric approach, IITR enable MSMEs to enhance product quality, market relevance, and overall competitiveness.



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