IIT Roorkee sets the stage for revolutionary insights in IGC 2023

IIT Roorkee inaugurated the Indian Geotechnical Conference 2023 (IGC 2023) on 14 December 2023.

The event was held at the Convocation Hall, signaling the start of discussions on ‘Geotechnical Advances in Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Risk Reduction.’

IIT RoorkeeIt was organized in collaboration with The Roorkee Chapter of the Indian Geotechnical Society with the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee, and CSIR-CBRI Roorkee.

It marks the commencement of insightful discussions centred around ‘Geotechnical Advances in Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Risk Reduction, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

Eminent personalities at IIT Roorkee

The opening ceremony featured esteemed dignitaries, including Chief Guest Prof. T.G. Sitharam, Chairman AICTE New Delhi.

The other dignitaries were Dr. Anil Joseph, National President of the Indian Geotechnical Society. Prof. K.K. Pant, Director IIT Roorkee.

Prof. Praveen Kumar, Head of the Civil Engineering Department at IIT Roorkee and Prof. P.K. Ramancharla, Director, CSIR CBRI Roorkee, were also event patrons.

Chief Guest

Prof T G Sitharam, AICTE Chairman and Chief Guest of the inaugural function narrated various national engineering projects including Chandryan-3 and Aditya -1 where success has been achieved through combined efforts.

He said the efforts by the engineers in these projects are mind boggling. Reflecting on the rich legacy of IIT Roorkee, I am reminded that it stands not just as an institution but as a pilgrim for civil and geotechnical engineers, a trailblazer that began its journey in 1847.

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Biyani Group Group Of College

‘As we celebrate its history, let us recognize IIT Roorkee’s enduring impact on engineering and its profound contribution to the evolution of our discipline.’

IIT RoorkeeContinuation

Prof. K K Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee, addressed the gathering and said, “IIT Roorkee is proud to host IGC-2023, continuing our legacy of excellence in geotechnical engineering.

This conference is a crucible for forging new paths in sustainable infrastructure, said director of IIT Roorkee.

Historical legacy

In the aftermath of the inaugural ceremony, Prof. Praveen Kumar, Head of the Civil Engineering Department at IIT Roorkee, expressed profound pride in the department’s historical legacy of nurturing esteemed Geotechnical Experts.

He highlighted, “IIT Roorkee actively participates in global IGS activities, demonstrating a dedicated approach to addressing challenging practical issues within the institution and nationwide.

The decision to host this event after a decade underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing the field of Geotechnical Engineering, said Prof Praveen Kumar of IIT Roorkee.


The inaugural ceremony organized by the Department of Civil Engineering IIT Roorkee set the tone for a conference poised to redefine the landscape of geotechnical engineering and its role in sustainable infrastructure development.

Nestled within the historic halls of IIT Roorkee, the Civil Engineering Department stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation.

Renowned for its pioneering contributions to geotechnical engineering, the department complements IIT Roorkee’s legacy by nurturing future leaders and advancing cutting-edge research.

As a vital participant in IGC-2023, the department symbolizes a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering sustainable solutions in the realm of geotechnical engineering.

The inaugural ceremony not only marked the commencement of IGC-2023 but also resonated as a defining moment poised to reshape the terrain of geotechnical engineering.

It served as the catalyst for a conference that aspires to redefine the very essence of geotechnical practices, emphasizing its pivotal role in steering the course of sustainable infrastructure development.

The event illuminated a path forward, encouraging discourse and collaboration that promises to shape the future of geotechnical engineering, contributing significantly to the resilience and longevity of our infrastructure.

IGC-2023, hosted by IIT Roorkee, stands as a premier event dedicated to exploring ‘Geotechnical Advances in Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Risk Reduction.’

This conference serves as a gathering point for industry experts, researchers, and thought leaders, aiming to redefine the geotechnical engineering landscape.

The dynamic program includes Plenary Sessions, Keynote Lectures, Technical Sessions, and an innovative exhibition with over 30 stalls showcasing cutting-edge advancements in geotechnical engineering.

Beyond product displays, the exhibition fosters networking and collaboration, providing a platform for meaningful interactions among professionals, researchers, and technology enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive view of the industry’s forefront.

IIT RoorkeeLandscape

Organized by the Indian Geotechnical Society in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee, and CSIR-CBRI Roorkee, IGC-2023 addresses the evolving geotechnical engineering landscape, covering 18 themes.

With active engagement from over 700 delegates, the conference offers vibrant interactions, enriching experiences through industry insights, emerging trends, and in-depth explorations of critical topics, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The official conclusion of IGC-2023 is set for December 16, 2023, after three days of engaging discourse, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Two pre-conference seminars and one post-conference training course will complement the conference, offering additional opportunities for learning and engagement, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

Awards and Book

In the last, various awards were given to the experts as given below:

1.  IGS-H C Verma Diamond Jubilee Award jointly to Sivakumar G & V B Maji and Pankaj Kumar and B V S Viswanadham

2.  IGS-Sardar Resham Singh Memorial Award to Meghna Sharma and Neelam Satyam D

3.  Best Woman Researcher in Geotechnical Engineering to Dr Neelam Satyam

4.  Best Teacher of Geotechnical Engineering Award- Dr Deepankar Chaudhary

5.  IGS- Forensic Geotechnical Engineering Award Parvathi G S, Anil Kumar Sinha, Vasant G Havangi and Mariya Dayana

6.  IGS-Prof G A Annual Award for the best PhD Thesis in Geotechnical Engineering – Dr Minu Abraham

7.  Best Doctoral Thesis Award from Non -Premier Institution to Dr Ummath U.

8.  IGS-AIMIL Best Local Chapter Award to IGS-Pune Chapter

9.  IGS-President Award to K Muthukkumaran

A book on Daughters of Indian Soil was also released along with Souvenir and Proceeding of the Conference.

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