Explore India’s 10 Best Online Journalism Courses

Are you looking for the best online courses in India? If yes, then we have something special for you; nowadays, everyone is very active on the news and reporting. Journalism is one of the best fields to start your career. There are many online journalism courses available to give you a boost in your career with good stability

Online journalism courses provide an easy way to get into journalism or refresh your skills. Online programs are a great way to learn and grow. Not only students but also professionals enhance their knowledge to move ahead in their careers. Today, we will explore the top 10 online courses where you can take your career to new heights in journalism.

Online Degree in BA Journalism

Online Degree in BA Journalism and Mass Communication (IGNOU)

This is a three- year programme from Indira Gandhi National Open (IGNOU). It builds a strong base for journalistic principles. A flexible online environment allows students to learn crucial information on reporting, editing, writing, media law, and ethics.

Online MA Journalism and Mass Communication (IGNOU)

It is a two-year postgraduate program from IGNOU for people with advanced knowledge of specific spheres of specialized journalism. Various interesting aspects include investigative journalism, data journalism, and new media journalism, as well as practical assignments like internships.

Certification Course Journalism and Mass Communication (Udemy )

Udemy is one of the great platforms for learning new courses. You can enroll yourself and get the certification. Nowadays, Udemy is one of the well-known platforms for learning online. You can also enhance your skills by exploring more courses that help you in journalism. The program focuses on practical issues such as reporting, writing, editing, and multimedia production. Therefore, the graduate students will be prepared for work in their respective fields.

Certificate In Print And Broadcast Journalism

Certificate in Print and Broadcast Journalism (IIM Skills)

This is an intensive 3 months program offered by IIM skills, which gives you practical training in print and TV journalism. Students are taught how to do successful interviews, meaningful stories in the news, as well as delivering information in multiple types of media output.

Online Diploma in Journalism and New Media (Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media)

The program IIJNM offers teaches students about various topics related to new media journalism courses. Online reporting, data analysis, social media interaction, and their connection to multimedia productions are a few examples. Those seeking to become experts in this quickly evolving field would profit from such a curriculum.

Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai)

The one-year program of XIC imparts comprehensive knowledge in print, broadcast, and digital journalism courses. Students gain valuable field experience and professional practices from the faculty’s wealth of experience and internships.

Biyani Group Group Of College

PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication)

The year-long program at SIMC lays a strong foundation in journalism principles. These are specialized courses that have applications in public relations and advertising. Graduates are qualified after receiving a well-rounded education that blends theory and practice.

PG Diploma in Mass Communication (University of Mysore)

The University of Mysore offers one-year journalism courses. They are offering it through distance learning. It also makes the program more affordable than other comparable journalism courses. Some of these areas covered include journalism ethics, media law, reporting, editing, communications, and computer skills.

PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (Tezpur University)

The one-year course offered by Tezpur University for Journalism and Mass Communication. It emphasizes the changing media environment in digital journalism. Multimedia production, data journalism, and online content creation courses teach students how to cope with the dynamic nature of the media industry.

Journalism And Mass Communication

One of the leading internship and skills training sites is Internshala. It also offers an online certificate course in journalism. The beginning course on journalism training, writing abilities for journalism, and ethics in reporting. A good place to start if one wants to venture into journalism should be in Internshala’s course.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Online Journalism Course

Before making the final call to choose the right online course, there are some important elements to keep in mind. These are essential points and make it easy with you to make the best decision. So, here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Course Duration and Format: Would you like it to be an intense but brief curriculum, or just a much lengthy one? Which do you prefer, online learning, or blended learning with offline periods?
  • Specialization Options: Would you like to delve deeper into certain areas of journalism courses? It may include investigative journalism, data journalism, and digital journalism among others. Select among the programs offering specializations that suit your interests.
  • Faculty and Reputation: Ascertain the credibility of the school’s staff and determine if they have prior experience in journalism. Search for programs that have competent faculty and good rapport amongst industries.
  • Course Fees and Scholarships: Find out how much the program will cost and if there are any scholarships or other financial aids that you could qualify for.
  • Accreditation and Recognition: Make sure that an accreditation process is conducted on the programme in order to ascertain the level of quality and set standards.


Online journalism courses provide an affordable and convenient opportunity for budding journalists and media personnel. The institution provides various courses to enable one to gain the required knowledge that will help one survive through the competitive life of journalism.

Therefore, start making your way toward your dream of being a journalist and discover the world of e-learning now. So, explore today and get yourself enrolled in the best journalism courses. A great success is waiting for you on the path of journalism courses.

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