Integrated MBA program launched from AY 2024-25

Integrated MBA program MBA (BBA Analytics (Honors) and MBA DS & AI of five year duration was launched at IIT Mandi recently.

Course is offered by School of Management of IIT Mandi and is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of management along with skills in analytics, data science, mathematics and statistics, through a carefully curated curriculum.

Integrated MBA programCourses

Integrated MBA program also integrates relevant courses from other areas such as Humanities, Communication, and Indian Knowledge System to ensure the holistic development of its graduates.

Overall, the program aims to nurture future business leaders who possess a strong appreciation for technology and cross-functional management capabilities.

Initial years of Integrated MBA program

During the initial years, the program hones students’ critical thinking and creative abilities through foundational courses in management, analytics, mathematics and statistics, communication and personality development.

In the later years, Integrated MBA program offers several specialized courses that equip students with the skills required to apply technology across the functional areas of management.

About the course

Director of IIT Mandi Prof. Laxmidhar Behera spoke about Integrated MBA program. As a premier technology institution, IIT Mandi has been diligently assessing the industry’s requirements.

With the growing dependence on data for making business decisions to gain competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly utilizing technological tools from the domain of data science and artificial intelligence, he said speaking about Integrated MBA program.

This has resulted in an increased demand for business leaders who possess a thorough understanding and skills to effectively use these technologies within the business environment, he said.

The MBA program in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence was introduced in 2022 to cater to this demand of the industry. This year, we have taken a step forward by introducing this five-year Integrated MBA program, he said.

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Integrated MBA programOpportunity

The program offers students a distinct chance to obtain a master’s degree in management right after 10+2 from a top-tier institute in the country.

The Integrated MBA program amalgamates relevant courses from Management Sciences, Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Communication, and personality development disciplines to ensure the holistic development of its graduates.

With industrial internships, training, and exposure to diverse business environments, the program aims to nurture socially aware future business leaders with a strong appreciation for technology and human values.

Excel in the industry

Prof Aniruddha Chakraborty also spoke about the program. IIT Mandi is committed to nurturing highly skilled graduates, primed to excel in the industry, he said.

The new Integrated MBA program is designed to provide aspirants with a truly transformative educational journey.

The curriculum is carefully crafted to encompass a diverse array of courses, ranging from management and analytics to mathematics, statistics, communication, and personality development to equip graduates with a well-rounded skill set that is highly sought after in today’s dynamic business world, he said.


After successful completion of the full 5-years of Integrated MBA program the students shall be awarded two separate degrees i.e. BBA Analytics (Honors) (under the IMBA), and MBA DS&AI (under the IMBA).

Aligned with the New Education Policy, the IMBA program also offers following exit options to the students:

· After successful completion of three years, upon exit, the candidate would be awarded a BBA Analytics degree

· After successful completion of four years, upon exit, the candidate would be awarded a BBA Analytics (Honors) degree

Integrated MBA programUnique Advantages

Prof. Manoj Thakur, Chairperson of the School of Management, IIT Mandi Emphasized the unique advantages of the Integrated MBA program.

This program is designed to prepare students for management careers immediately after finishing their school education and foster their holistic development over the course of five years, he said.

It is structured to prepare students for management careers by integrating essential management principles with mathematical and statistical concepts, analytics, data science, and AI, he said speaking about Integrated MBA program.

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The program curriculum emphasizes nurturing the students to become socially aware business professionals while acquiring the ability to utilize technology for the social good.

This holistic approach not only equips students with the know-how to tackle emerging business and societal challenges but also instills a strategic mindset for leveraging technology in solving problems effectively, he said.


The students will undertake two industry internships, one of which will be of six months duration, ensuring substantial exposure to the business world.

Another unique offering of the program allows students to explore entrepreneurship as a career choice by facilitating access to the incubation center of IIT Mandi.

For serious student entrepreneurs, the course further allows a sabbatical of one year to pursue the innovative startup venture.

This program provides an avenue for the young aspirants to pursue a management program immediately after 10+2.



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