JEE Advanced 2024 Toppers: Inside Their Success Stories

Honouring Achievement: Views from the Top JEE Advanced 2024 Rankers

A high score on the JEE Advanced exam requires commitment, tenacity, and calculated planning. Three outstanding students in 2024 were distinguished by their extraordinary marks and distinctive methods of studying and stress management. This page explores the incredible success stories of Dwija Patel, Dhruvin, and Aryan Prakash in this very tough exam. Read more, JEE Advanced 2024 Result is Out, 48248 Candidates Have Qualified

Jee Advanced 2024 Toppers Inside Their Success Stories....

Aryan Prakash: The Power of Persistence

Mumbai-born 17-year-old Aryan Prakash obtained an All India Rank (AIR) of 17 in JEE Advanced 2024. Aryan’s journey, one of the top five from the IIT Bombay zone, is evidence of his unflinching dedication and rigorous preparation. Aryan had a love of numbers from an early age, which set the stage for his ambitions to become an engineer. He had decided by Class 8 to study computer science engineering at IIT Bombay.

Aryan credits a strict study routine—he spends 12 to 13 hours a day getting ready—for his achievement. His success formula is to be composed and concentrated throughout tests, which enables one to answer both simple and difficult questions with poise. In his leisure time, Aryan watched TV and played volleyball as ways to decompress. His tutors helped him create a hectic academic schedule, so part of his disciplined approach included avoiding social media to reduce distractions.

Aryan was greatly helped by his parents, who were both retired income tax department personnel with solid backgrounds in physics and mathematics. His accomplishment owes much to their unfailing support and academic direction. Aryan’s tale serves as a potent reminder of the value of putting in a lot of effort, tenacity, and the appropriate support network to reach ones objectives.

Jee Advanced 2024 Toppers Inside Their Success Stories

Dwija Patel: Consistency and Focus

From Rajkot, Gujarat, Dwija Patel triumphed as the female JEE-Advanced 2024 champion with an outstanding AIR 7. Dwija was early drawn to mathematics because of her father, a school mathematics instructor. She joined Allen Coaching Institute in Rajkot for her Class 11 and 12 preparation after being inspired to pursue engineering by her early interest.

Dwija studied for eight to ten hours a day and kept up consistency all along the way. She emphasizes the value of being at home so she could concentrate on her academics without having to get used to a new setting. Taking several practice examinations and avoiding the distractions of a personal cell phone were part of her regimented schedule.

Rather, she made limited use of her mother’s phone, which improved her ability to focus in class. Even with such a busy schedule, Dwija found time to unwind by viewing her favorite online series, such as “Friends” and “Suits.” She thinks the secret to success is to start early and to be consistent. The narrative of Dwija emphasizes the need of having a nurturing family environment and of keeping a healthy balance between education and leisure.

Jee Advanced 2024 Toppers Inside Their Success Stories

Dhruvin: Embracing the Journey

Strategic preparation and a helpful peer network have been hallmarks of Dhruvin’s path to a high rank in JEE-Advanced. Originally from Mulund, in his second year of preparation, Dhruvin relocated to a dormitory close to his coaching facility in order to cut down on his daily travel and concentrate more on his academics. He secured his admission into the CSE branch at IIT Bombay by his hard work and commitment, which won him a sought-after place among the best applicants.

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Dhruvin, who has both physicians as parents, chose engineering since he was not interested in biology. He put in 10 to 11 hours a day studying to make sure he gave every part of his preparation his all. Dhruvin played cricket and had chats with friends to decompress. He deliberately shied away from social networking applications, utilizing his smartphone mostly for communication that was absolutely necessary.

The lesson of Dhruvin’s narrative is the need of putting in one’s all and then accepting the result without unnecessary anxiety. His method assures a complete and successful preparation plan by highlighting the harmony between thorough preparation and having time to relax.


The biographies of Dwija Patel, Dhruvin, and Aryan Prakash provide important light on the many approaches that might help one succeed on competitive tests like JEE-Advanced. Their experiences emphasize the need of a positive atmosphere, regular work, and efficient stress management. These stories provide encouragement and doable guidance on reaching academic objectives as kids all throughout the nation get ready for their own exam.

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