JEE Main 2024 April Session: Registration Ends Today! Know It All

JEE Main 2024 April: Registration Closed, Exam Dates, Eligibility & More

For many students across the country who want to become engineers, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2024 April session is a big deal. As the limit for registering gets closer, March 2, 2024, is the last day that candidates can make sure they get to take this esteemed exam. The April session of 2024 examinations from April 4 to 15 might be a turning moment for many. In the midst of preparation and enthusiasm, understanding how to register for the exam is crucial. Let’s discuss the April 2024 JEE Main Session so aspirants have all they need to succeed. Read more. JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Result released : Know Merit Lists, Scores ,Toppers

JEE Main 2024 April: Registration Closed, Exam Dates, Eligibility & More

Key Highlights

  • Exam Dates: The JEE Main 2024 April session is scheduled from April 4 to April 15, 2024.
  • Scoring Dynamics: This session allows candidates to improve their scores by reapplying, with the higher of the two achieved scores determining the final merit.

Navigating the Registration Process

Step 1: Website Visit

Prospective candidates are advised to commence their journey by visiting the official website,, the digital gateway to the JEE Main 2024 April session.

Step 2: Session 2 Registration Link

Upon arriving at the website, candidates should swiftly locate and click on the session 2 registration link, initiating the crucial registration process.

Step 3: Detailed Information Insertion

The subsequent window prompts candidates to meticulously insert their contact details and other requisite information, ensuring accuracy in every input.

Step 4: Comprehensive Registration Form Filling

Candidates are then guided through the comprehensive registration form, capturing personal and academic details vital for a robust application.

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Statistics Snapshot:

The initial session witnessed a staggering 12,21,615 candidates registering for JEE Main Paper 1, with an impressive 11,70,036 candidates actively participating. In the BArch paper domain, 55,493 candidates out of 74,002 registered aspirants undertook the challenge. Notably, 23 students achieved the coveted 100 percentile marks in paper 1, while paper 2 results remain anxiously anticipated.

JEE Main 2024 April: Registration Closed, Exam Dates, Eligibility & More

Important Information for Aspirants

The application window for the April session swung open on February 2, 2024, heralding an opportunity for candidates to enhance their scores.

The deadline for completing the registration process is today, March 2, 2024, with the exam dates for the April session spanning from April 4 to April 15, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria Demystified:

Prospective candidates should engage in a thorough self-assessment of their eligibility before venturing into the registration process. The criteria include:

  • Successful completion of class 12 in 2022 or 2023, or current enrollment with an intention to complete in 2024.
  • Mandatory inclusion of Physics and Mathematics as core subjects in class 12, coupled with any one subject from Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, or a Technical Vocational subject.
  • No age limitations are imposed on candidates for the JEE Mains 2024.

Insights into the Application Process:


Candidates commence the process by clicking on the 2024 registration link, creating a new registration profile.

Login Credentials:

After selecting a preferred mode of login, candidates provide essential details such as their name, mobile number, and email address, establishing their unique digital identity.

Form Completion:

Post-registration, candidates log in using the provided credentials and furnish comprehensive personal and educational details.

Document Upload:

Following form completion, candidates must adhere to stringent guidelines while uploading scanned images of their photograph and signature.

Fee Payment:

The completion of the application process necessitates the payment of JEE Main application fees, a critical step in finalizing the registration.

Confirmation Page Download:

Candidates culminate the process by downloading the confirmation page, a vital document for future reference.

Beyond Registration

The scope of JEE Main 2024 extends beyond the registration process. Notably, the exam will unfold in a computer-based format, ensuring a dynamic and technology-driven assessment.

JEE Main 2024 April: Registration Closed, Exam Dates, Eligibility & More

Statistics Unveiled

  • A staggering 12,21,615 candidates registered for JEE Main paper 1 in the initial session.
  • A robust 11,70,036 candidates actively participated, demonstrating the widespread interest and competitive spirit.
  • In the BArch paper category, 55,493 candidates engaged in the exam out of the total 74,002 registered candidates.

Upcoming Challenges and Opportunities

The eagerly anticipated JEE Main April session poses new challenges and opportunities for candidates to showcase their capabilities and secure competitive scores.

In Conclusion:

The entry window for the April 2024 session of JEE Main is almost over, and people who want to take it are on the verge of a life-changing trip. They are ready to start an adventure that will change their lives because they have worked hard to get ready. Beyond the limits of registration lies a world of chances and challenges, where toughness and persistence are the most important traits. As we say goodbye to the registration phase, let us welcome the April session with clarity, confidence, and a strong desire to do well. All the students who want to be engineers one day: may your hard work in the JEE Main 2024 April course pay off in a big way.

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