JKBOSE Results 2024 : Download Guide, Check Online & via SMS!

JKBOSE Results 2024: Detailed Guide for Class 10 and 12 Students

Class 10 and Class 12 exam results for 2024 are about to be released by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of Secondary Education (JKBOSE). Knowing the many ways to get these findings is crucial as students anxiously anticipate this momentous day. This detailed guide will help you through the process to make sure you can easily download and examine your scores, whether you would rather check online or via SMS. With the official results expected on June 7, 2024, this page attempts to provide students with a simple, unambiguous, and user-friendly road map for getting their JKBOSE results so they may enjoy a stress-free big day. Read moreJharkhand Top Schools : Explore Top 20 CBSE, ISC, Boarding, and Day Schools

Jkbose Results 2024 Download Guide, Check Online

Understanding the Minimum Passing Marks

To pass the JKBOSE Class 10 and Class 12 exams in 2024, students must achieve at least 33% in each subject. This passing criterion is critical for students aiming to move forward to the next academic level or to continue their higher education. Meeting this minimum requirement ensures that students have attained a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding in each subject area.

Steps to Check JKBOSE  Results Class 10 and 12 Online

Instructions for Online JKBOSE Class 10 and 12 Results Check Online JKBOSE result access is simple provided you follow these specific instructions:

  1. View the JKBOSE Official Website: To access jkbose.nic.in, use your web browser.
  2. Getting to the Results Section: See the link labelled “Result for Secondary School Examination (Class 10th) / Senior Secondary (Class 12th)” on the webpage.
  3. Enter needed information: The link will ask you to input the roll number and registration number that are printed on your admission card.
  4. View Your Final Score: Click on the ‘View Result’ button to view your results after providing the required information.
  5. Download and Print: To have your result for future use, download it and print it. As it may be needed for other administrative or academic reasons, keep this printout secure.

Jkbose Results 2024 Download Guide, Check Online & Via Sms!

Checking JKBOSE Results via SMS

JKBOSE offers students who may not have internet access or might have problems connecting another way to check their results via SMS. Use of this service is as follows:

  • For Class 10 Results: Type JKBOSE10ROLLNO> and send it to 5676750.
  • For Class 12 Results: Type JKBOSE12ROLLNO> and send it to 567675.

Students will get their results straight on their phones if they submit the SMS in the manner required. This approach ensures that students may still quickly get their significant test results even in places with bad internet connections.

Importance of Accurate Information

Students must make sure that, while verifying the results, the roll number and registration number they submitted match. Incorrect entry of this information might cause problems while obtaining the results. It is so advised to check the information again before submitting.

Preparing for Result Day

Students might feel anxious and excited when the results are released. It helps to remain composed to manage this better. Here are some pointers to be ready for result day:

  • Save All Essential Information Handy: Make sure your registration and roll numbers are quite visible.
  • Stable Internet Connection: To prevent any interruptions, be sure you have a steady internet connection if you are seeing your results online.
  • Extra Plans: Should there be any technological problems, be ready to verify your findings by SMS. Support on an emotional level Naturally, one feels anxious. Speaking with loved ones about your emotions might help you feel less stressed and provide emotional support.


For a student, the JKBOSE Class 10 and 12 results mark a major turning point in their academic career. You may go easily through this stage if you know how to examine the outcomes, satisfy the minimal passing requirements, and organize your future actions. Recall that your academic path includes more than just your grades; you may reach your objectives with the appropriate attitude and assistance. Keep yourself upbeat, educated, and aggressive in pursuing your goals.

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