Predicted Hot Topics for UGC NET Management Subject 2023

Predicted Hot Topics for UGC NET Management Subject 2023

Key Issues and Concerns about the UGC NET 2023 Exam are quickly coming, thus students preparing for it need to set a schedule for themselves.

You will need legitimate, pre-made study materials to use when cramming online.  Experts have compiled the Predicted Hot Topics for UGC NET Management Subject 2023 pertinent to their study into the expected important chapter-wise topics to build a strong foundation for the exam.

Predicted Hot Topics For Ugc Net Management Subject 2023


Important questions for the UGC NET 2023 Management Exam are provided in this article, allowing readers to quickly and easily review the material most relevant to their preparation for the forthcoming UGC NET Exam.

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Let’s review the Predicted Hot Topics for UGC NET Management Subject 2023

Let’s review the fundamentals of UGC NET 2023 Management topics before diving into the questions. Candidates can use these as a resource for cramming at the last minute, or they can include them in a broader study plan.

Important Topics


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Units Topics
Management Functions and Concepts Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Coordinating, and Staffing(Indirect Question)
Types of communication. Barriers, and Process
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Individual Behaviour- Personality, Perception, Attitude, Learning, Values, and Motivation
Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Training, and Development
International Human Resource Management &Organizational Development Human Resource Challenge of International Business.
Change and Organizational Development Interventions Talent Management and Skill Development
Accounting and Financial Management Financial Statement Analysis: Funds Flow and Cash Flow Analysis, Ratio Analysis, and DuPont Analysis.
Theories, Cost of Capital, Sources, and Finance Budgeting and Control, Types, and Processes, Zero-base Budgeting.
Capital Budgeting & Management Nature of Investment, Evaluation, Comparison of Methods; Risk and Uncertainty Analysis.
Portfolio Management: CAPM, APT.
Capital Management: Determinants, Cash, Inventory, Factoring, Receivables, Payables Management.
Strategic Management & Marketing Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting.
Strategy Implementation: Developing Programs McKinsey’s 7s Framework.
Marketing: Concept, Orientation Customer Value, Satisfaction, and, Trends and Tasks,
Brand Management & Types of Marketing Theories and Models of Consumer Behaviour
Retail Marketing: Recent Trends in India, Types of Retail Outlets.
International Marketing: Entry Mode Decisions, Planning Marketing Mix for International Markets.
Management Statistics & Operations Management Data Collection & Questionnaire Design Sampling: Concept, Techniques
Operations Management: Role and Scope.
Operation Research: Transportation, Queuing Decision Theory, PERT / CPM
International Business & Artificial Intelligence Foreign Direct Investment: Benefits and Costs
Information Technology: Use of Computers in Management Applications; MIS, DSS.
Artificial Intelligence and huge Data.
Entrepreneurship Concept, Types, Theories, and Process Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies.
Women and Rural Entrepreneurship.
Types of Innovations, Creating and Identifying Opportunities, Screening of Business Ideas.

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Questions Having a High Predictive Value on the UGC NET  2023 Management Exam

Following is a list of high-scoring topics from which questions have been asked in the Management exam cycle of the previous year, as reported by the UGC NET Exam Analysis.

Important Topics No. of Questions
Demand Analysis 1-2
Market Structures 1-2
National Income Concepts 3-4
Infrastructure Management & Policies 2-3
Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection 4-5
Types of Organizational & Individual Behaviors 2-3
Career Planning and Development 3-4
Disputes & Grievance Management, Labour Welfare and Social Security 2-3
Green HRM 1-2
Financial Statement Analysis 4-5
Budgeting and Budgetary Standards 6-7
Portfolio Management – CAPM, APT 1-2
International Financial Management, Foreign exchange market 2-3
Business Portfolio Analysis 2-3
Marketing Channels 5-6
Brand & Customer Relationship Management 3-4
Emerging Marketing Trends 2-3
Operations Management – Role and Scope 3-4
Role of International Financial Institutions – IMF and World Bank 2-3
Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship 2-3
Business Innovations in Micro & Small Scale Industries 6-7


UGC NET 2023

UGC NET 2023 Management Exam: Last-Minute Preparation Advice

To do well on the UGC NET 2023 Management test, early preparation is essential. Staying calm and focused on reviewing previously covered topics is essential at the last minute. Last-minute prep for the UGC NET Management is possible with the help of the hints provided below.

Review the Notes You’ve Taken

Take a look at the notes organised for each subject regularly. This will be useful for brushing up on relevant ideas, diagrams, and formulas and to know what are topics still not covered.

Mock Tests for Studying

Last-minute study aids include working through practice exams, past papers, and high-stakes questions. Test your time management skills by seeing whether you can go through these tests in the allotted amount of time.


Revise important topics, equations, and facts from previously studied material in the days leading up to the test. Don’t wait until the last minute and then realise you forgot anything crucial.

Don’t choose unfamiliar subjects

Don’t choose any unfamiliar material in the days leading up to the test. As this will take up a lot of time and has a negative impact on your confidence. Focus your time and energy on reviewing material you already know well.

Don’t Panic

Don’t lose your calm over the test you have coming up. Keep your cool and make consistent time for study and review. Have faith in the material you have prepared rather than worrying about the material you did not or could not cover.


All applicants would be well served to spend some time on these UGC NET Management Questions before taking the exam. Before attempting to answer these questions, you should thoroughly examine the predicted Hot Topics for UGC NET 2023 Management Subject  Syllabus.

One more important finding is that the way of asking questions has changed, questions are indirect and like small practical cases. Don’t try to memorise all there is to know about the subjects, because as recent papers have shown, both direct and indirect questions will be included in the exam.Best of luck to all aspirants for UGC NET 2023.

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