Robotics Engineering: Great course with job opportunities

Robotics Engineering is one of the courses that is gaining popularity these days. There are many reasons that are making this subject popular. Collegechalo tries to explain Robotics Engineering in depth for the sake of students.

The conventional courses that were ruling the roost were Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering. As the times changed newer disciplines began emerging on the technical front.

Robotics Engineering

Needless to say, Robotics Engineering is one of those disciplines that have emerged as the time moved ahead. Newer venues in technology started revealing themselves owing to increase in research.

As the newer venues emerge, there is genesis of opportunities and newer fields of study. The behind this story is to generate awareness among the students about Robotics Engineering so as to motivate them to consider this for studying as it also offers bright career opportunities.

What is Robotics Engineering

It is the subject that deals with designing, building and operating robots. There are various types of robots and Robotics Engineering deals with the differences among them and their purposes. The subject will also likely deal with maintenance of the robots.

Robotics EngineeringRobotics Engineer
Robotics Engineer is one who has studied the subject of Robotics Engineering. Their work involves designing of robots and operating them. The responsibility of Robotics Engineer is also to test the robots to ensure they work well.

Going a step further, persons adept in Robotics Engineering can event test the robots to ensure they are safe to operate. Robotics Engineer can also deal with design of machines that can assemble the robots.

Candidates who wish to study Robotics Engineering must have passed plus-two with required pass percentage. The subjects in plus-two must be maths, physics, chemistry. A few institutions may even demand a pass in english also.

For a postgraduate course in Robotics Engineering, candidates have to pass a bachelors degree in Robotics Engineering. Even those who have passed Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering can also opt for Robotics Engineering at postgraduate level.

LPU College admission

Even students who have completed Mechatronics at undergraduate level can consider pursuing Robotics Engineering at postgraduate level.

Robotics EngineeringExams
Candidates who wish to study Robotics Engineering have to also be prepared to write certain exams like IIT JAM, National Institute of Technology MTech Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Entrance Exams, Post Graduate Engineering Common Entrance Test (PGECET), IISC Entrance exam.

Admission into Robotics Engineering courses are to done based on scores in these exams. Students keen on studying Robotics Engineering have prepare well for these exams.

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Students can study Robotics Engineering at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The subject deals with CAD/CAM systems, microprocessors, integrated systems, pneumatics, hydraulics and others.

Building robots also requires knowledge of various aspects from other fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics engineering.

Staying adept in Robotics Engineering also requires one to have know-how of various nuances in the above mentioned fields.

Robotics EngineeringJobs
Students who have completed Robotics Engineering can find employment as Robotics Programmer, Robot Design Engineer, System Design Engineer, Robotics Test Engineer and Robotics Consultant.


Robotics Design Engineer is a professional who uses various tools available and designs robots for the required purpose. Robotics System Engineer makes use of various methods like Computer Aided Designing/Computer Aided Manufacturing to make robots.

Robotics Programmer is a professional who builds robots and also programmes them for performing the specific tasks.

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Robotics Test Engineer is a professional who focuses on testing the robots or robotic systems that are designed. Their main job is to ensure that the robots designed for the purpose are working well before they are delivered.

System Design Engineer is a professional who focuses on designing systems that can manufacture robots.

Robotics consultant is a professional who advises on robot manufacturing or designing systems that manufactures robots. This is a senior level position and people with considerable experience in the field of robotics can take this up.

It requires significant understanding of robotics which requires working in the field for significant time.

Robotics EngineeringThe pay packages
Pay packages for those who study Robotics Engineering and takeup jobs in the field of robotics can are quite attractive.

Robotics programmer can have a starting salary of Rs 60,000 and at a middle level it can go upto Rs 90,000 and senior professionals can get a payment of Rs 2lakhs.

Robot Design Engineer can get a pay package of Rs 40,000 and middle level officials can get upto Rs 80,000 to 2.5 lakhs. System Design Engineer can start with Rs 45,000 and middle level professionals can obtain a salary of 75,000 and senior level professionals can get a salary of 1.5 to 2 lakhs.

Robot Test Engineers will get a pay package of Rs 70,000 which can go upto 85,000 as they reach the middle level position. Senior professionals would get about 3 lakhs.

The Consultants can start with a package of Rs 75,000 and reach 90,000 as time moves ahead. The senior professionals can earn as much as Rs 2 lakhs.

There are lot of colleges in India that offer courses related to Robotics Engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Some of the colleges that offers the course are given below:

Parul University
Parul University offers BTech in Robotics and Automation Engineering. If studying Robotics Engineering is high one’s mind, they can consider this educational institution also. Students who have passed plus-two with maths, physics and chemistry as subjects can apply for the course.

IIT Kanpur
This is one among the most popular educational institutions in our country. Candidates can pursue MTech in Robotics Engineering here.

BITS Pilani
The courses offered here are Mechatronics and Automation and Mechanism and Robotics. Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems offers lot of courses related to robotics.

IISC Bangalore
The Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems offers programmes related to robotics. Courses offered here are Foundation of Robotics, Design of Cyber Physical Systems and Dynamics and Control of Smart Systems. MTech in Robotics and Automation Systems.

Manipal Institute of Technology
The institute offers Master of Technology (MTech) in Industrial Automation and Robotics. The course will teach how to use the required knowledge and make robots and understand their functioning.

Jadavpur University
This is also one of the most noted educational institutions in the country that offers various courses. Students looking for Robotics Engineering can approach Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The course offered here is MTech in Intelligence Automation and Robotics.

IIIT Allahabad
This institution is also one of the educational institutions students who wish to study Robotics Engineering can approach. Courses offered here are MTech in Robotics, Integrated MTech in Robotics, Dual Degree (MTech + PhD) in Robotics.

Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University
This institution also has a lot in store for those who are looking to purse Robotics Engineering. BTech Mechanical in Robotics and Automation is offered here. The course is offered here by School of Mechanical Engineering.

Robotics EngineeringAmity University Noida
This is one among the top institutions in India and Robotics Engineering aspirants can approach this institution for BTech Robotics course. The course is offered by Amity School of Engineering and Technology.

Lovely Professional University
If one wishes to study Robotics Engineering in India then this institution is one of those where they can approach. The courses offered here are BTech Robotics and Automation, BTech Mechanical Engineering (Robotics and Mechantronics). Candidates willing to pursue postgraduation in Robotics Engineering can pursue MTech Robotics here.

SRM Engineering College
The institution offers MTech in Robotics which would of great interest for those willing to takeup postgraduation in Robotics Engineering. The other courses offered are BTech Mechantronics Engineering and MTech Mechantronics Engineering.

Amity University

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