Social Sciences and Humanities finally lead the way into a New Era

Social Sciences and Humanities finally lead the way into a New Era

In the article, Social Sciences and Humanities finally lead the Way into a New Era we will discuss now in the present time these subjects have finally been recognised and are able to increase the adoption per cent.

More than 80 per cent of students in our nation are aware of and target one of the conventional 7 professional options: Engineering, Medicine, Management, Chartered Accountancy, Civil Services, Computer Application, and Law. This number poses the question of why, at the dawn of the new information age, when there are so many career opportunities for students, so many parents still want their students to pursue conventional professions.

Social Sciences And Humanities Finally Lead The Way Into A New Era

Today, there are hundreds of courses that are more compatible with our Gen Y Mindset and enable us to effortlessly combine our passion and profession. Careers in the humanities and social sciences have been neglected by a generation vying for top engineering and medical schools. However, the situation is swiftly evolving. In Social Sciences and humanities, students have a multitude of options available to them today.

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Social Sciences and Humanities are the most dynamic and ever-changing disciplines. Numerous factors contribute to the subjects’ ever-changing and pragmatically expanding nature. One such criterion is the fact that the world is currently converging, and in order to facilitate the integration of businesses, communities, and nations, it is necessary to possess multifarious skills with multiple applications.

And this is precisely why students of the social sciences are taught to think creatively and critically, to reason and pose questions, and to design and implement comprehensive solutions.

Emerging emphasis on practical learning has brought Social Sciences and Humanities finally lead the way into a New Era as opposed to theoretical learning is also a significant contributor to the growing interest. Social Sciences and Humanities graduates possess distinctive skills that are highly valued in the job market.

India is now emerging from the stage of a developing nation, and with a growing population, we recognise the significance of researching human behaviour, social relationships, and social work, as well as how to progress in these areas.

In order to advance, there is a deep-seated need for students to comprehend the social framework, as opposed to focusing solely on technology and sciences. This has led to an increase in the number of students choosing humanities courses. There can never be a genuine improvement in people’s standard of living without humanities. This is another reason for the rise in the popularity of the humanities.

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Social Sciences & Humanities V/S Engineering

India, like every other global economy, has experienced industrial sector expansion and a rise in demand for engineers. There has been a significant increase in the total number of colleges offering engineering degrees in recent years.

Currently, over 1.5 million engineers graduate annually, but only 20% of them are employable. India produces more engineers than the United States and China combined, but average salaries tell an intriguing tale.

The average salary of an engineer is between $30,000 and $45,000, but if you graduate from a tier 2 private college, you can expect to earn between $13,000 and $20,000, which in most cases does not cover the cost of your four-year education.

In contrast, if you examine the domain of social sciences and humanities the scene is quite different. In recent years, this field has generated a substantial number of jobs and expanded the options for students to choose their area of interest. Increasing job prospects is one of the primary reasons why students relocate. Individuals have the freedom to pursue their passions and choose their own areas of interest within the social sciences.

Society has become considerably more open and tolerant. The so-called “arts” courses are no longer labelled as “basic BA” and go far beyond. The course fees are relatively low, and the earnings are quite enticing.

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The scope of Social Sciences and Humanities is extremely vast. Students and parents are aware that subjects such as psychology, economics, geography, and political science are required in a variety of contexts, including teaching, research, and corporate employment. This information provides them with an advantage in disciplines such as engineering and medicine.

One more reason for Social Sciences and Humanities finally leads the way into a New Era is the increasing complexity of global issues has necessitated adopting a holistic perspective as opposed to a discipline-centric one. Diverse theorists, including those from the sciences, are beginning to recognise the significance of adopting an objective perspective when attempting to comprehend the complexities of various social, cultural, and political issues. Thus, awareness of the social scientific perspective is expanding.

Once upon a time, Social Sciences and Humanities were regarded as a female-dominated fields. In recent years, however, this perspective has shifted, leading to an increase in interest in Social Science and humanities subjects. As more and more men realise the immense potential of the social sciences, they are opting for this field.

Intriguingly, today’s Social Sciences and Humanities with Social Work students are presented with significantly greater challenges during their education and work (in comparison to students in other programmes), which significantly contributes to their personal development, hones their skills, and enables them to solve complex problems.

Moving forward with a positive outlook to explore the domain, students are considering subjects such as Political Science, History, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, English, Philosophy, etc., which have been widely pursued for a long time and have a strong presence in almost all reputable universities in India and abroad.

Graduates have access to employment opportunities in industries, academia, publishing, research, teaching, government, and policymaking. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in one of these disciplines enables students to experiment with unorthodox subjects while pursuing a master’s degree and to readily develop a multidisciplinary approach.

Many individuals who desire to pursue a career in the performing arts, applied arts, or sports also major in the social sciences while continuing their professional education. One may also consider careers in psychology, design, journalism, mass communication, print and electronic media, and other related fields.


Non-profits and NGOs are the most promising of the Social Sciences and Humanities career paths in India. A career in social work after earning an MSW (Master of Social Work), B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education), Development studies, Gender studies, or a degree in a related field can provide opportunities to don many titles and assume many responsibilities.

Through fundraising, programme development, volunteer administration, community organising, and marketing, an individual can advance within an organisation and approach the executive director position. A person can work for a cause that they are impassioned about and truly make a difference in society by working in the non-profit sector.



Growth in Social Sciences and Humanities

In recent years, Social sciences and Humanities have transcended boundaries to integrate with other disciplines. It provides aspiring youth with a plethora of career opportunities in a variety of thrilling fields, as well as the flexibility to alter their course of higher education. Once upon a time, Science and Commerce were the most popular alternatives for students selecting streams in class 11 based exclusively on the “scope” they offered.

However, as time has passed, this perspective has also shifted, and students now view careers as opportunities rather than scope. In contrast to schools in tier 2 cities, where it is frequently difficult to locate an entire section devoted to humanities, students in metropolitan cities are more exposed to and knowledgeable about the various professions they can pursue with humanities in 11th and 12th grade.

Things are changing gently and persistently for the better. More top students are now choosing humanities, dispelling the notion that intelligent students prefer science and business. Their decisions are now based on the domain’s practical applications and enormous potential. This shift is spurred by the Internet and social media’s ability to raise awareness.

Students acknowledge that career decision-making is both a subtle science and a precise art. We firmly believe that students should be permitted to pursue their interests as careers. Only then will students be able to realise their distinctive abilities and gain confidence to select them.


To sum up, the Social Sciences and humanities are leading the way in appreciating modern society’s diversity. Recent studies show that worldviews challenge stereotypes and encourage cultural diversity which brought Social Sciences and Humanities finally lead the way into a New Era.

Social Sciences and Humanities academics are embracing interdisciplinarity and new technologies in innovative and exciting ways, suggesting that we are no longer mired in retrospective, historical analysis but are shaping the future. We now grasp what a more diverse approach to research in all disciplines may bring thanks to information from other areas. We now grasp what a more diverse approach to research in all disciplines may bring thanks to information from other areas.

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