SRM-AP University’s Visionary Director, Mr. Sidharth Sankar Tripathi, is going to  Build a Dynamic Future

SRM-AP University’s Appoints Director for the Future

A turning point for SRM-AP University, a beacon of academic excellence, a new chapter unfolds as the institution welcomes a dynamic and visionary leader Sidharth Sankar Tripathy as its new director.

Sidharth Sankar Tripathy was appointed as the new director of Entrepreneurship and innovation and professor of practice in Entrepreneurship.

SRM-AP University’s Appoints Director for the Future

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SRM University (Sri Ramaswami Memorial University)

Shri Ramaswami Memorial University (SRM University) is an eminent Private University in India that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as B. Tech, M. Tech, B Arch, B. Design, M.Arch, M.Des MBA, M.Plan, etc. Shri Ramaswami Memorial University was established in the year 1985 as Shri Ramaswami Memorial Engineering College and was later given deemed status in the academic year 2003–2004, and the name of the institution was changed to Shri Ramaswami Institute of Science and Technology. The institute achieved full-fledged university status in 2006 by the University Grants.

Journey of SRM-AP University (Shri Ramaswami Memorial University)

Nightingale School in 1969

SRM-AP University was established in 2017 in Neerukonda, Mangalagiri Mandal, Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, between the major cities Vijayawada and Guntur, and the nearest town is Mangalagiri. But the journey of SRM-AP (Shri Ramaswami Memorial) University goes back to the establishment of Nightingale School in 1969.

In 1984 Polytechnic College (Vallimai Polytechnic) was established. In 1985, First College was launched by Shri Ramaswami Memorial, known as Shri Ramaswami Memorial Engineering College.

Then in 1992 Shri Ramaswami Memorial stepped into the field of medicine and inaugurated the Shri Ramaswami Memorial College of Pharmacy. After continuous development in many fields, the SRM group launched SRM-AP University in 2017. It was established with the vision to redefine education and empower the next generation of leaders.

The institution’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and world-class education is reflected in academic programs and an energetic campus life. SRM-AP (Shri Ramaswami Memorial) University actively promotes international collaborations and exchange programs.  From cultural festivals to sports events and community service capability, the campus Buzzes with energy and enthusiasm.   With a legacy of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and a holistic approach to education, SRM-AP (Shri Ramaswami Memorial) University continues to inspire a generation of students to dream big and achieve their desired lives.

New Director of Entrepreneurship at Shri Rama swami Memorial (SRM-AP) University


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Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy is the new Director of Entrepreneurship at Shri Ramaswami Memorial (SRM-AP) University. Mr. Sidharth Sankar Tripathy is the founder of Skillizen Learning, a global EdTech venture that offers Life Skills training and assessment across 72 countries. ‘iSEED-The Indian School of Entrepreneurship” and “Life Skills University, Singapore” such as pathbreaking educational initiatives Co-founder is Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy.

Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy is a full-fledged educator and a side-by-side entrepreneur. Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy did his Master’s in  Liberal Arts (General Management) from the prestigious institute of Harvard University and his  Post Graduate Diploma in Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy began his academic journey with a BE in Electronics from Bangalore University.

Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy is a linguist in 11 languages and shares a passion for ultramarathons, running for up to 200 km,  21 books on critical skills like Leadership, Ethics, Empathy, and Entrepreneurship were written by Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy. ‘Brandgain’, Asia’s 1st Sales & Marketing Process Outsourcing company, and ‘Newzworm’, the world’s 1st global news source for 8-18 years, which is read by young citizens worldwide Other notable and highly successful entrepreneurial progress led by Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy.

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SRM-AP University Appoints  Mr. Sidharth Shankar Tripathy as its new director of Entrepreneurship and innovation and professor of practice in Entrepreneurship, the campus humming with anticipation and excitement for the transformative journey ahead. With a creative leader, the institution is assured to scale new heights of academic excellence, research prowess, and societal impact.

The SRM-AP community eagerly looks forward to the exciting developments that will unfold under the guidance of the university’s new director of entrepreneurship, shaping the future of education for generations to come.


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