The Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024

The professional landscape in India is undergoing a significant shift, with almost 88% of professionals considering the Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024, a 4% increase from the previous year. LinkedIn’s research sheds light on the three fastest growing jobs in 2024 and provides valuable insights for both job seekers and companies navigating this dynamic employment environment.

Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024

Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024

1. Closing Manager:

Among the top Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024, the role of a closing manager takes center stage. As businesses strive for efficiency, professionals adept at closing deals are in high demand. The growth rate for this position surpasses 79%, indicating a substantial rise in opportunities for individuals with strong negotiation and deal-closing skills.

2. Influencer Marketing Specialist:

The realm of digital marketing continues to evolve, with influencer marketing specialists witnessing a growth rate exceeding 79%. Companies recognize the impact of influencers in reaching target audiences, making this role crucial in today’s competitive market. As brands invest more in digital presence, influencer marketing specialists play a pivotal role in driving engagement and brand visibility.

3. Design Specialist:

Creativity takes center stage as design specialists secure a spot among the three fastest growing jobs in 2024 with growth rates soaring above 79%. This reflects a shift in the job market towards roles that emphasize innovation and aesthetic appeal. Design specialists contribute significantly to enhancing brand image and user experience, making them integral to various industries.

Evolution in Job Roles:

The study, conducted between November 24 and December 12, surveyed 1,097 professionals across India. It revealed a notable evolution in job roles, with positions such as drone pilot, recruiter, creative strategist, and political analyst gaining prominence. Notably, there is a growing bias towards sales-related roles, including sales development representatives, demand generation associates, growth managers, and client advisors.

Job Search Trends:

The study also highlighted a 9% YoY increase in job search activity on LinkedIn in 2023, with professionals seeking better work-life balance (42%) and higher wages (37%). Additionally, nearly 8 in 10 Indian professionals expressed interest in exploring opportunities beyond their current industry or role.

Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024

Recruitment Strategies:

For companies gearing up for workforce expansion in 2024, the focus is on learning intent and work experience. Recruiters are inclined towards hiring candidates with exact experience matching the role (76%) and prioritize skills such as problem-solving, AI expertise, critical thinking, communication, and IT & web skills.

Impact of AI:

The rise of AI is influencing job requirements, with 98% of companies witnessing changes in the skills they seek in candidates. Organizations are actively incorporating AI capabilities into their workforce, leading to a surge in the demand for upskilling and training programs. The Impact of Al also takes center stage as an import tool to secure a spot among the three fastest growing jobs in 2024 with growth rates in India.

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Three Fastest Growing Jobs in 2024


As the professional landscape evolves, professionals in India face a competitive job market in 2024. The three fastest growing jobs in 2024, coupled with the impact of AI, underscore the need for individuals to stay updated on industry trends and enhance their skills. Recruiters, on the other hand, are prioritizing training programs, career progression opportunities, and flexible working policies to attract and retain top talent. In this dynamic scenario, standing out requires dedication to profile enhancement and staying informed about industry developments, ensuring long-term career success. Read here some of our trending blogs given below:

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