Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni, Including India

Within the dynamic realm of education, there exist certain academic institutions that transcend conventional learning and emerge as breeding grounds for both unparalleled wealth and transformative ideas.

These Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni, besides imparting knowledge to innumerable students, have produced alumni who have not only accumulated vast fortunes but have also left an indelible impact on the global stage. This compilation invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the top ten world-changing universities boasting billionaire alumni, one of whom hails from India.

Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni, Including India
Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni, Including India

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Although many colleges and universities might claim to have produced billionaires, a select handful really stand out for their exceptional track record of creating wealth.

Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni

The Forbes World’s Billionaires List 2023 reveals the top 10 schools responsible for the most billionaire alumni.

Rank University Country Number of Billionaire Alumni
1 Harvard University United States 29
2 University of Pennsylvania United States 28
3 Stanford University United States 28
4 Yale University United States 21
5 University of Mumbai India 20
6 Cornell University United States 18
7 University of Southern California United States 15
8 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States 14
9 Columbia University United States 11
10 Princeton University United States 11


The Forbes World’s Billionaires List 2023 reveals the universities that have educated the most billionaires:

1. Harvard University (United States)

The prestigious Harvard University in the United States takes first place on this list because to its astounding 29 wealthy graduates. Its graduates include future industry leaders like as Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Meta’s innovative Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s renowned Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Berkshire Hathaway’s famous financier Warren Buffett. Other notable alumni include the founders of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and Berkshire Hathaway.

2. University of Pennsylvania (United States)

Following closely is the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, which has proudly contributed 28 individuals to the billionaire club. Notable names among its alumni include the visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, recognized for his groundbreaking ventures Tesla and SpaceX, and the illustrious Warren Buffett, a prominent figure in the financial world through Berkshire Hathaway.

3. Stanford University (United States)

Securing the third position with an impressive 28 billionaire alumni, Stanford University in the United States has become synonymous with innovation and pioneering research. Notable alumni include Larry Page and Sergey Brin, dynamic co-founders of Google; Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft; Peter Thiel, energetic co-founder of PayPal; and many more.

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4. Yale University (United States)

Yale University (united States)

Yale University, an institution steeped in tradition, boasts a total of 21 billionaire alumni. Among this distinguished list are individuals such as John Valeri, Edward, Robert, and Sid Bass; Joseph Tsai, a key figure in Alibaba’s success story; and Stephen Schwarzman, a prominent name in the world of finance and private equity with Blackstone.

5. University of Mumbai (India)

Representing India on the global billionaire landscape, the University of Mumbai secures a notable fifth place on the list. This non-American institution has made its mark by producing approximately 20 billionaires. Notable alumni include Uday Kotak, the driving force behind Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mukesh Ambani, the visionary leader of Reliance Industries; and Dilip Shanghvi, a key figure in the pharmaceutical industry as the founder of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

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6. Cornell University (United States)

Cornell University has played a significant role in shaping the fortunes of 18 billionaire graduates. Among its illustrious alums are the likes of Robert Smith, a major player in the private equity industry with Vista Equity Partners, and Ronald Perelman, a household name in the cosmetics industry because to his work with Revlon.

7. University of Southern California (United States)

The 15 billionaire graduates of the University of Southern California (USC) in the United States have made substantial contributions to a broad variety of professions, earning the university national and international acclaim. One of them is George Lucas, the man responsible for the “Star Wars” films. USC has helped launch the careers of several noteworthy people, including business tycoon and Yucaipa Company backer Ron Burkle and internationally known Brazilian director Walter Salles.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (United States)

Throughout the globe, MIT is revered as a center of cutting-edge research and technological development. At least 14 MIT grads are worth $1 billion. Former student Charles Koch founded Koch Industries, one of the world’s largest privately owned companies. Businesspeople recognize the Koch family for their multi-industry reach.  Other significant Koch family members, like William Koch and John Doerr, a biotechnology pioneer via BeGene, demonstrate MIT’s dedication to generating innovative leaders.

9. Columbia University (United States)

Columbia University, situated in the heart of New York City, has played a pivotal role in the financial world. The institution’s dedication to intellectual rigour and critical analysis has clearly paid off. Jeff Bezos, the futuristic creator of Amazon and the parent company of space travel company Blue Origin, is among its notable alums. A further notable graduate, Eric Schmidt, has had a lasting impact on the technology industry via his work as CEO of Google.

10. Princeton University (United States)

Princeton University

Princeton University, another esteemed American institution, has seen more than 11 of its graduates ascend to billionaire status. Academic rigour and critical thinking have paid dividends for the school. Its graduates include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who revolutionised e-commerce and explored space with Blue Origin. Similarly, Eric Schmidt, another illustrious graduate, has had a lasting impact on the technology industry as the former CEO of Google. John Fisher, a Gap-affiliated Fisher, continues Princeton’s tradition of generating notable entrepreneurs.

These universities, each unique in their approach to education and fostering innovation, continue to make a substantial impact on various industries through their accomplished alumni. The lessons learned within the hallowed halls of these institutions have translated into real-world success stories that span the globe.

 The Magic of the World Universities with Billionaire Alumni

What sets these universities apart and paves the way for billionaire alumni? Several factors contribute to their remarkable success:

  1. Rigorous Academics: These universities offer top-tier academics that challenge students to think critically and solve complex problems, fostering intellectual growth.
  2. Entrepreneurial Culture: They create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship are celebrated, motivating students to explore their passions and embark on entrepreneurial journeys.
  3. Strong Alumni Networks: With influential alumni, these institutions offer invaluable networking and mentorship opportunities to their graduates, opening doors to a world of possibilities.


Within the intricate fabric of scholarly pursuits, these universities shine as exceptional jewels with billionaire alumni, illuminating the way towards achievement, groundbreaking creativity, and the generation of substantial wealth. Their rich heritage of intellectual excellence, fostering of entrepreneurial zeal, and expansive networks of accomplished alumni continue to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for forthcoming leaders, future billionaires, and global change-makers. As these Top 10 World Changing Universities with Billionaire Alumni transcend geographical boundaries and cultural divides, they epitomize the catalytic force of education, illustrating that the quest for knowledge possesses the potential to genuinely transform our world.

In essence, these top universities stand as pillars of academic rigour, entrepreneurial culture, and alumni connections, fostering the perfect environment for students to thrive and realize their dreams. Through their incredible contributions to academia, these institutions continue to nurture the next generation of wealth-creators and world-changers.

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