Top 20 Colleges In Jaipur

Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur

The Pink City of India, Jaipur, has outstanding educational institutions. Jaipur’s finest colleges and universities attract students from India and worldwide with their rich cultural history and dynamic academic atmosphere. These schools emphasise research and innovation and provide programmes in engineering, management, law, humanities, and social sciences.

Chandigarh Group Of Colleges

Top 20 Colleges In Jaipur

The Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur provide world-class facilities, contemporary laboratories and classrooms, experienced teachers, and great placement chances. To provide students with the greatest education, these schools include modern libraries, sports facilities, dorms, and research centres.

The leading Jaipur colleges hold several cultural, technological, and sporting activities year-round. Technical and professional organisations, groups, and teams allow students to explore their interests and demonstrate their abilities.

Jaipur National University

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Let’s discuss the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur one by one.

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT)
  2. Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT)
  3. LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT)
  4. Banasthali Vidyapith Jaipur
  5. Birla Institute of Technology
  6. Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET)
  7. Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan (SKIT)
  8. Global Institute Of Technology – (GIT)
  9. St Xavier’s College
  10. Arya College Jaipur
  11. Wilfred’s PG College Jaipur
  12. S.M.S. Medical College
  13. Jaipuria Institute of Management
  14. Biyani Group of Colleges
  15. Poddar Group of Institutions
  16. Parishkar College of Global Excellence
  17. Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management
  18. Institute of Rural Management
  19. Pearl Academy
  20. Aayojan School of Architecture in Jaipur

1. Indian Institute of Technology Jaipur

Top rank on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is IITJ a public technical and research university in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The Ministry of Human Resource Development of India created it in 2008 as one of eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

The institution provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate engineering, science, and humanities programmes. The 900-acre complex has cutting-edge infrastructure, labs, and research facilities. A specialised research and development cell encourages academics and students to do cutting-edge research.

IIT Jaipur is known for its multidisciplinary teaching and research. The institution collaborates with prestigious worldwide universities and industry for research, teacher exchange, and student exchange. Technical and professional organisations, groups, and teams allow students to explore their interests and demonstrate their abilities. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs recruit students from the institution, providing good placement prospects. The institute’s graduates are prominent in Indian and international industry and academics.

2. Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT)

Next on the list of Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) founded in 1963 as Malaviya Regional Engineering College (MREC) and renamed in 2002. The 317-acre campus features modern classrooms, labs, and research facilities. It is among India’s finest engineering schools and has a long academic history.

MNIT Jaipur hosts several cultural, technological, and athletic activities year-round. Students may explore their technical interests via the institute’s several technical groups and organisations, including the Robotics Club, Coding Club, and Electronics Club. Several research centres and laboratories of the institution focus on cutting-edge research and innovation.

Biyani Group Group Of College

MNIT collaborates with top worldwide institutions and companies on research, faculty, and student exchanges. The institute’s training and placement centre helps students get jobs with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Tata Motors. Several successful graduates are making major contributions to business and academics in India and overseas.

3. LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT)

Next, on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is LNMIIT an institution that values excellence, diversity, and equality. The Rajasthan government and Mr Lakshmi Niwas Mittal’s Lakshmi and Usha Mittal Foundation formed it in late 2002 as a private-public cooperation. The Quantum Leap programme intends to turn the Institute into a purposeful research university with a focus on research, teaching-learning, entrepreneurship, deep industry interaction, and outreach.

The 100-acre complex has cutting-edge laboratories, classrooms, and infrastructure. With multiple research centres and laboratories doing cutting-edge research, the institution prioritises research and innovation. LNMIIT collaborates with top worldwide institutions and companies on research, faculty, and student exchanges. The institute’s training and placement division helps students get jobs at Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Goldman Sachs. The institute’s graduates are prominent in Indian and international industry and academics. LNMIIT has an innovative academic atmosphere.

4. Banasthali Vidyapith

Subsequently, the next college in the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is Banasthali Vidyapith a residential women’s college with an integrated system from preschool to PhD. October 6, 1935, Smt. After Shantabai’s death, Ratan and Pandit Hiralal Shastri created Banasthali. They expected her to advocate for women as an adult. But fate intervened.

Thus, neither educationists nor social reformers founded Banasthali. It’s also not philanthropist-made. It sprang like a phoenix from Shantabai’s ashes.

Banasthali has become a national women’s education centre in 75 years. Banasthali’s curriculum develops students’ personalities. Its Five-fold Educational Programme (Panchmukhi Shiksha) includes physical, practical, aesthetic, moral, and intellectual dimensions to reach its goal of synthesis of spiritual ideals and scientific achievements of the East and the West. Thus, students become well-rounded.

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5. Birla Institute of Technology

In 1995, the BIT Jaipur Campus opened its doors and is among the top 20 colleges in Jaipur. The institute’s mission is to advance knowledge and professional practice in the fields of engineering, applied sciences, and management via cutting-edge curriculum and teaching methods. As one of Rajasthan’s premier educational institutions for the engineering, applied science, and management disciplines, it was founded on the principle that cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking management techniques are the keys to the state’s economic success.

Development is a never-ending process, undoubtedly, knowledge spread, innovative concepts, innovative practices and technology breakthroughs are at the core of this process.

With excellent performance, a progressive mindset and goodwill earned, the BIT Jaipur Campus has a long-term vision to consolidate its strength and excel in engineering and management education and research in emerging areas. The BIT Jaipur Campus has good potential to be one of the leading technical institutes in the western part of the country as the BIT main campus is in the eastern part.

6. Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET)

Rajasthan Institute Of Engineering And Technology (riet) Jaipur

Next college on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET), a renowned “A” rated, NBA certified (2012-2015) Engineering and Management Institute, which was founded in 2000 with the approvals and affiliations of AlCTE, New Delhi and Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

With a determined vision and unique approach, RIET offers industry-focused specialised diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in high-growth areas like Advance Computing Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, VLSI Design, Power System Engineering, Digital Communication, Advanced Geographical Information System, Financial Management, Logi

RIET’s campus is big and lovely in Jaipur. The institution is proud to provide its students with world-class intellectual infrastructure, multimedia-aided lecture rooms, sophisticated research laboratories, playing arenas, food courts, in-campus dorms, and curricular and extracurricular amenities. Its proactive partnerships with industry leaders for all curricula create marketable, bright, and industry-ready experts. Its exceptional record of 95% placements year after year reflects its commitment to students’ multifaceted growth and development.

7. Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan (SKIT)

The next college on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is the institution is a Northern Indian intellectual powerhouse. The Institute offers postgraduate and graduate engineering and management courses via Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. Our sister school Swami Keshvanand Institute of Pharmacy (SKIP) offers graduate pharmacy courses via the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences.

Through an excellent Industry–Institute Interface, SKIT in Jaipur, the Pink City, is preparing engineers and managers for the industry. SKIT conducts research and development beyond the university curriculum. The institute offers practical orientation, industrial interaction, and student-led activities to help students develop good communication skills, an integrated personality, and a competitive spirit.

8. Global Institute Of Technology, (GIT)

Following college on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur was Kandoi Group founded by Kandoi Group in 2002. The organisation implements worldwide education standards to improve technical education in Rajasthan. NAAC-UGC twice approved GIT, the first private engineering college in North India. GIT has been one of Rajasthan’s best private engineering colleges for two decades. GIT is a cutting-edge school that prepares students for the future. GIT education is unforgettable. GIT offers great education and study with other dedicated young professionals who want to learn and make a difference.

Innovative, flawless, and creative, GIT College. These campuses have the best infrastructural and instructional facilities and are ideal for training future professionals in the proper attitudes, abilities, and knowledge.

9.  St. Xavier College

The next college on the Top 20 Colleges in JAIPUR is the Jesuit-run Jaipur Xavier Educational Association (J.X.E.A.), founded in 1950, which promotes personal completion through training and education in India.

The Jaipur-based Xavier Vocational Institute (X.V.I.) began teaching the poor in 2006. In 2010, the J.X.E.A., Xavier Alumni/ae, and Jaipur well-wishers under Rev. Fr. Varkey Perekkatt, S.J., founded St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, for higher education. Since then, the institution has expanded to meet the educational demands of Jaipur and the country. Over the previous 10 years, the college has grown from a sapling to a gigantic oak. In 2014, the institution became a Christian Minority Jesuit Institution and began offering Masters in English Literature and Human Resource Management. These accomplishments bring future prosperity.

After a decade in the centre of the city, the institution moved to the new campus near Nevta, Jaipur in 2021-22 to provide students with improved infrastructural and academic opportunities. The New Technical Institution (Xavier Institute of Management and Informatics (XIMI)) on the same campus will provide MBA and MCA from session 2022–23.

10. Arya College Jaipur

Following the list the next college on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is Arya College.”All India Arya Samajis Society” for Higher & Technical Education founded Arya College in 1999 under the Founder Chairman Er. Shri T.K. Agarwal, a Roorkee University visionary, always believed that “Engineers Build The Nation”! He founded Rajasthan’s first private engineering college for glory. He founded over 150 private engineering colleges and made Rajasthan an IT hub of North India.

In 1999, Er. Arya Samajis founded Arya College under the All India Arya Samajis Society of Higher & Technology Education. T.K. Agarwal. He inspired Arya College’s empire.

The 25-acre Arya College is beautiful. These colleges have excellent facilities and large laboratories. “Arya” has set standards for a decade, letting others follow. The Arya Leadership Team has vision, innovation, and team support to achieve progressive and futuristic concepts.

Arya College is renowned worldwide for its unique approach, participatory culture, and academic rigour. Over the years, specific efforts to attract bright teachers and exciting admission processes to choose exceptional students from around the nation provide a reservoir of qualified intellectual capital on campus at all times

Arya College has pursued greatness. Our academic industry dominance came quickly. All leading MNCs hire our students and find them valuable resources.

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11. St. Wilfred’s PG College

Wilfred's Pg College Jaipur

Next, the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur are famous for their classical building and meticulous planning and landscaping making a wonderful learning environment. The campus is well-linked to all regions of Jaipur’s industrial and institutional centre.

Innovation-led research drives St. Wilfreds. Infrastructure and practises state this. The diverse research covers subject-specific investigation and the business world in which our students will work. Wilfreds has significant research and industrial ties.

We work with Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services to provide students with the newest IT skills. These relationships helped us recruit industry specialists, which is tough for education ecosystems, and increase innovation via information sharing.

Wilfreds creates research and creative culture, academic and professional development, and cultural enrichment to benefit businesses and society.

12. SMS Medical College

One of India’s oldest and most esteemed medical institutions on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is SMS Medical College, which is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The college was founded in 1947, shortly after India gained independence, and was the 15th medical education centre in the nation. With Dr G.N. Sen as its first principal, the college opened in the south wing of SMS Hospital and the Jaipur Medical Association building.

SMS Medical College is India’s top medical school, with contemporary facilities, labs, and teachers. The college provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate medical and allied health programmes. The college is affiliated with the Rajasthan University of Health Sciences and collaborates with various prestigious national and international institutions for research and exchange.

SMS Medical College is noted for its top-notch academic atmosphere, facilities, and research and innovation. Several college graduates have made substantial contributions to healthcare and society. SMS Medical College inspires and educates India’s healthcare workers.

13. Jaipuria Institute of Management

Jaipuria College in Kolkata launched the Jaipuria educational heritage in 1945. Our 7-decade, 4-generation tradition distinguishes us from other Indian management colleges. In 1995, its Lucknow campus began management education. India’s top B-school is the Jaipuria Institute of Management and is among the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur. Four world-class campuses in Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur, and Indore provide AICTE-approved PGDM courses.

Management education is lengthy, hard, and lucrative. We think that confidence and self-awareness start the trip, but to win, you need a team that works hard too. Jaipuria encourages every student to reach their potential.

Our dedication to management education has made us one of the nation’s top B-Schools. NIRF (Ministry of Education) recognised our four campuses among India’s best management institutions. Visit our website if you want to maintain this heritage.

14. Biyani Group of Institutions

Young, active, result-oriented, and competent people founded the Biyani Shikshan Samiti is among the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur. The Samiti seeks “Youth Empowerment through Technical & Professional Education”. In February 2005, Param Pujya Shri Kirit Bhaiji lay the college foundation stone.

Biyani Girls College, affiliated with the University of Rajasthan since 2002, entered mainstream education. The Biyani Group of Colleges currently offers more specialised and professional degrees in its education.

The Institute expanded into co-education with Biyani Co-Ed. The college was established in 2011 to satisfy current and future educational demands with its top Institutes Biyani College of Science & Management (BCSM) and Biyani Law College at Kalwar Campus, Jaipur.

They train “Employable Aspirants” with a talented and energetic staff. Students learn employability skills and company culture in our training cell. The Biyani Group of Colleges Placement staff contacts organisations and arranges employability exams, pre-placement conversations, and final interviews.

15. Poddar Institutions

One step starts a thousand kilometres. It requires thought and reluctance. In 1998, the Poddar Group of Institutions started its remarkable adventure with a burst of excitement and is among the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur.

Poddar International College Affiliated with the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur; one of the group’s premier institutions, is centrally located and equipped with all the major amenities. NAAC  has accredited the college. It has received the “Best Upcoming Higher Education Institute of Rajasthan” award from ASSOCHAM, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi.

It is one of the few Rajasthan institutes shortlisted for NIRF (National Institute of Ranking Framework), under Govt. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur awarded the college a significant project to construct a Biotechnology Business Incubation Centre.

It also has student exchange, internship, and training MoUs with top universities, institutions, and MNCs. Research-based learning enhances student skills at the college. Thus, it has partnered with Rajasthan Skills University to acquire industry-specific skills.

16. Parishkar College Global Excellence

Parishkar College Global Excellence

Next College on the top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is Rajasthan’s first UGC-accredited college. NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council—UGC, Govt. of India) gave Parishkar College of Global Excellence an “A” grade. We scored first among Rajasthan’s 2440 private institutions.

Parishkar College of Global Excellence (Autonomous) produces top-notch research and academics. We create novel teaching and learning methodologies with industry and top Indian and international universities. The autonomous system lets institutes better serve students and industry. It encourages teachers and staff to try novel teaching and research methods and enhance programmes.

Young career hopefuls love Parishkar for producing most government job placements. Jobs, corporates, industry & trade, and helping startups. Parishkar becomes Jaipur’s best college in all academic subjects.

Parishkar is known for its quality education, pedagogical innovations, systematic educational process, and value-based instructions focused on enhancing each student’s creativity, and has become the Best College in BCA, BSc., BA, B.Com., BBA, MA, MSc., M.Com., BA(Hons), BCom.(Hons), Bsc.(Hons), BA+BEd., and BSc+BEd.

Parishkar is a fast-growing collection of co-educational colleges serving students from all 50 Rajasthan districts and neighbouring states like Haryana, UP, MP, Gujarat, Delhi, Assam, etc.

17. Maharishi Arvind Science and Management

MAISM is a top institute of the distinguished non-profit Maharishi Arvind Group of Institutions maintained by the Arvind Bharti Vidyalaya Samiti, established in 1975 in Jaipur and inspired by the great yogi, thinker, freedom warrior, and philosopher Maharishi Aurobindo. Since its founding, MAISM has provided industry-relevant training is respectively on the list of Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur.

Since 1994, Maharishi Arvind Education Group has offered Job-Oriented & Professional Education in Science, Engineering & Technology, Management, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Commerce, and Research in Jaipur and Kota, Rajasthan.

Maharishi Arvind Education Group has helped Rajasthan flourish in education for 41 years. The Group has contributed equally to the national pool of managerial and technical professionals. Nearly 10,000 students study Professional & Technical courses. Over 1,000. numbers of well-educated academics and support personnel at educational institutions.

18. Institute of Rural Management

Moving on to the next college on the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur is the Institute of Rural Management founded and directed by SIIRM, which is a modern, smart, and creative research-driven B-School in India. AICTE, MoHRD, Govt. Various polls and studies rate it A+++ among India’s Top B-Schools and 1st among Rajasthan’s Best B-Schools.

FMS-IRM offers a two-year full-time PGDM/PGDM-RM (Rural Management) programme. It is dedicated to forward-thinking education and research in development and business. FMS-IRM has a long history of enhancing student careers and improving organisations. FMS-IRM pioneered “Rural Management” and “Rural Marketing,” which are becoming business buzzwords in developing countries.

Our distinguished academic leaders and teachers are perpetual learners. Campus-based MDPs, Corporate Training, Business Seminars, and Conferences are often held by academics. FMS-IRM students get the best knowledge, business acumen, and abilities to succeed in an increasingly competitive corporate world.

19. Pearl Academy

For 28 years, Pearl Academy has helped students in creative sectors succeed with Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru campuses offering over 40 diverse courses. The  Jaipur campus has 15 years of creative influence and has been ranked the 2nd best private fashion design institution by India Today for three years and is also among the top 20 Colleges in Jaipur.

Pearl Academy Jaipur students will get a Professional Diploma and a B. Des. from Rajasthan ILD Skill University (RISU) starting in 2021. Pearl Jaipur is RISU’s associated institution. Pearl Academy has fostered creativity for over two decades. Since 1993, the academy has been a world-renowned higher education institution focused on internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability for the design, fashion, business, and retail industries.

Pearl Academy has become an industry leader with courses that meet the demands of the whole industry. The academy equips its industry with individuals who can drive growth, innovation, and social progress. Pearl Academy pioneered organised hybrid blended learning and real-time lectures in India, making learning more effective and entertaining.

20. Aayojan School of Architecture

Aayojan School of Architecture is among the best to get a degree in architecture in all of India and is also among the Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur. Aayojan equips students with cutting-edge information, practical experience, and ethical standards that will serve them well in the ever-evolving field of architectural design. Aayojan is one of a kind since it is marketed and maintained by a registered organisation made up mostly of architects.

Aayojan School of Architecture was founded in Jaipur, India in 1999, drawing inspiration from the city’s rich architectural history and the beautiful landscapes of neighbouring Rajasthan. The school’s Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) and Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) programmes have been recognised by India’s Council of the Architectural Profession (COA). Pune, the former capital of the illustrious Maratha kingdom and a city known for its high standard of living and excellent educational opportunities, is now also used as a base of operations. The Council of Architecture (COA), India has given its stamp of approval to the Pune school, and it is connected to the University of Pune. It now grants the B.Arch degree, with further expansion of its curriculum planned


Jaipur’s Top 20 Colleges in Jaipur provide top-notch education and amenities to students from around India. Jaipur institutions are noted for their creative teaching methods, skilled professors, and emphasis on practical learning, which help students flourish in their respective areas. The city’s diverse culture and active student life foster intellectual and personal development.

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