TS Inter Supply Results 2024 Released: Check Your Scores & Download Marks

TS Inter Supply Results 2024: Detailed Guide for Students

The first and second year Supplementary (Supply) results for TS Inter 1st and 2nd year are now officially available from the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education. For many students who sat these tests in an effort to raise their marks or pass topics they had trouble with in the past, this revelation is momentous. The official TSBIE website, tgbie.cgg.gov.in, is where one may get the results. Please find a thorough instruction on verifying your findings and other important details below.

Ts Inter Supply Results 2024 Released Check Your Score

Understanding the TS Inter Supply Results

Students who either did not pass the first tests or who want to raise their grades get a second shot at the TS Inter 1st and 2nd-year Supply exams. April 24, 2024, saw the announcement of the regular exam results. Students then have the chance to request a re-counting and re-evaluation of their scores. From May 24 to June 1, 2024, was when the Advanced Supplementary Exam was held for individuals who still needed to improve.

Steps to Check Your TS Inter Supply Results 2024

To make the process of checking your results straightforward, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Official TSBIE Website: Access tgbie.cgg.gov.in via navigation.
  2. Checking your results is done officially on this website.
  3. Track down the Results Link: Looking for the IPASE (Intermediate Public Advanced Supplementary Examination) results link on the homepage?
  4. Select the Relevant Exam Information: You must choose the year and the exam name for your seat number.
  5. Put the number of your hall ticket here: Enter your hall ticket number carefully into the space provided.
  6. Accessing your results requires this number. Send the Information in: Press the submit button to continue after providing all the necessary information.
  7. View and Download the Memo of Your Marks Your marks note is available to download and print when your results are shown. Future academic and professional activities depend on this paper.

Ts Inter Supply Results 2024 Released Check Your Scores ....

Addressing Potential Issues and Queries

  • Website Accessibility: Accessibility of Websites The official website sometimes may have a lot of traffic, which might cause problems like the page not loading. Should you see a notice stating “This site cannot be reached,” try reloading the page after a while. TSBIE helpdesk may be contacted to fix persistent problems.
  • Helpline Support: The TSBIE helpdesk is available for any problems you may be having obtaining the marks memo or seeing your results. Search the official website for the contact information.
  • Hall Ticket Readiness: Be sure you have your hall ticket number close at hand before trying to see your findings. Smoother and faster operation will result from this.

Key Exam Statistics

To give you a broader perspective on the exam outcomes, here are some important statistics:

  • Pass Percentage: 60.01% of Class 11 students were reported as passing. The pass rate for students in Class 12 was 64.19%.
  • Student Participation: The first-year public test was taken by around 4,78,723 students. About 2,87,261 students out of these made the qualifying cut.

Telangana Results

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

A significant turning point has been reached for many students with the release of the TS Inter Supply Results 2024. You may quickly see your results and obtain your marks memo by carefully following the instructions above. Never forget, that the TSBIE hotline is there to help you with any difficulties you may run into.

For students, this additional test offered a priceless chance to improve their academic standing. Congratulations to everybody who has improved their scores. For others, never forget that every endeavour advances knowledge and improvement. Continue to be upbeat and to aim high. With the help of this detailed manual, students should be able to grasp the TS Inter Supply outcomes procedure in a clear, humane, and thorough manner.

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