Unleashing the Epic Success Story of OYO

Unleashing the Epic Success Story of OYO,  a firm that has been successful despite a great deal of difficulty, and its narrative of perseverance has served as an example for other, smaller entrepreneurs in India. OYO’s reach has broadened to include more than only hotels in India.

Unleashing The Epic Success Story Of Oyo

Today, as the success story of OYO continues is among India’s most promising new businesses.

We are all aware of the success story of OYO, which the firm has achieved, but very few people are familiar with the complete history of OYO.

  • When did it first begin?
  • In what ways does it broaden the scope of its services?
  • What kind of business plan does OYO operate under?

The act of starting and running one’s own business is not a goal that can be reached at any time; rather, it is a journey during which one never stops learning and growing.

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Incredible progress has been made by  Hotels & Homes in recent years a success story of OYO. It has come a long way since it first opened its doors for business in April 2013, and the company is currently the world’s third-biggest franchised network of hotels, houses, and living spaces.

Unleashing the Epic Success Story of OYO begins here to motivate you that nothing is impossible.

 Have a look at the Success Story of OYO Business

After 2013, OYO had consistent growth. It was founded in India eight years ago, and since then has expanded to serve customers in more than 80 nations across 800 locations.

In 2018, the firm first expanded its operations to Malaysia. British, Dubai, Chinese, Singaporean, Indonesian, and other markets soon followed. In 2018, the business shifted into the hotel franchising industry. The number of nights the organisation tracked in 2018 was 75 million, which was a sixfold increase from 2017 and resulted in $211 million in revenue. There were 13 million, 6 million, and 4 million total room nights recorded worldwide in 2017, 2016, and 2015, respectively.

The $951 million in revenue that OYO reported for 2019 is an increase of $740 million, or 4.5 times, over 2018. So far, the firm has amassed over a million rooms in over 43,000 hotels. The company operates in the vacation-home rental market, where it provides over 130,000 properties to tourists and locals alike to. maintain standardization

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Ritesh Agrawal- The Man behind the Epic Success Story of OYO

Ritesh Agrawal is the brains behind the successful firm known for its success story of OYO Rooms. Ritesh Agarwal grew raised in a middle-class Marwari household. On November 16th, 1993, in the Bisham neighbourhood of Cuttack, Orissa, he entered the world.

Oyo Founder

Ritesh embarked on a career in business when he was just 17 years old. In 2012, the same year he established Oravel Stays Pvt.Ltd., he decided to abandon his academic studies. Ritesh Agarwal’s initial business venture was called Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. He fashioned the business so that its patrons might take advantage of the listing and booking platform for inexpensive lodgings.

As an avid traveller, he quickly discovered the shortcomings of the inexpensive lodging market. With the goal of providing low-cost, uniform lodging, he rebranded Oravel as OYO Rooms in 2013. Without a question, he has done a lot in a very short amount of time. Those who think that years of experience are necessary to achieve success have a terrific role model in him. His accomplishments are so instructive to learn about.

Recognising Ritesh Agarwal’s Successes with the Honours received.

When he was only 24, Ritesh Aggarwal was the most successful entrepreneur in all of India. He’s the recipient of several honours both at home and abroad.

  • Top 50 entrepreneurs in 2013 by TATA First Dot powered by NEN awards
  • Forbes “30 under 30” in the consumer tech industry
  • Business World young entrepreneur award


For Unleashing the Epic Success Story of OYO, it’s important to understand its measure of success.OYO’s founding principle was to offer high-quality accommodations at reasonable costs, and this has become the company’s credo thanks to the effective use of the following features:

Guarantee that all of the services and amenities listed on the mobile app or website will be available at the property you’re renting.

  • Cost-effective: Guarantee an excellent encounter at reasonable rates.
  • Modern conveniences: reserve a room with only a few taps on the OYO app.
  • Flexibility: Guests can select a room or suite based on a wide range of criteria, including price, length of stay, and other personal preferences.

The Gurgaon-based firm has evolved from a hotel aggregator into the fastest-growing network of franchises by providing a variety of different types of hotels (OYO flagships, townhouses, studio stays collection O, Premium), as well as other types of accommodations (OYO Life, OYO Workspaces), for its customers to choose from.

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OYO Rooms’ Grassroots Marketing Strategy

Ritesh has done an excellent job, given the rising costs in the real estate industry, of providing people with the greatest possible living spaces at reasonable prices while still including all necessary facilities. In today’s more digital and interconnected world, it’s crucial to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding market for hotel reservations made via the Internet.

OYO employed a comprehensive advertising approach that encompassed both the Internet and conventional channels. Customer retention and acquisition are crucial in the digital media industry. The OYO successfully utilised the potential of social media to maintain its rating, performance, and lead over its rivals.

The Importance Of SEO When Booking An OYO Room

OYO maximised its website’s exposure by fine-tuning its SEO. They centred their efforts on the most popular search terms used by their ideal clientele. Online hotel booking, online hotel booking offers, book hotels, best hotel deals, book hotels online, hotel deals, hotel rooms, best hotels, best hotel pricing, and hotels near me are some of the most searched for and suggested keywords. This made sure that OYO’s website would come up anytime such phrases were used in a search.

The Marketing Approach to Social Media

Oyo’s social media strategy included posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. OYO utilised Facebook to disseminate location-based content, promotional content, and information on the organization’s detailed development. Regular promotional postings offered clients deals and discounts, encouraging them to book OYO, and these posts helped users research places to visit.

Using precisely the same tactics as Facebook, they shared photos shot by travellers and OYO members on their Instagram accounts. By asking their fans to tag OYO in their social media postings, they saw an increase in interaction.

They promoted campaigns, trends, award ceremonies, and corporate social responsibility updates (CSR) on social media platforms including Pinterest and Twitter.

With posts that appeal to the most recent fads, the hotel firm was able to amass over 8 lakh Facebook followers and 1 lakh Instagram followers. Over five million people have downloaded the app, and it still maintains a sizable user base.

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Lessons to learn from OYO

No entrepreneur has ever become prosperous without first making some bold choices. It was OYO Rooms’ CEO, Ritesh Aggarwal, who made the decision to change the business model. He has provided the next generation with an ideal model and a beacon of hope as they work to realise their own entrepreneurial visions. Here are a few things an aspiring business owner might take away from OYO Rooms’ story.


a) Establish a Pleasant Workplace

The productivity of new businesses can be boosted by providing a pleasant workplace for their staff. Oyo provided its staff with a pleasant place to work. Oyo supplied the setting that boosted the start-up’s atmosphere for the better.

b) Spend money on IN-DEMANDS tools

Whether it’s employees or plans, put money into the finest you can get. Spending money on top-notch assets like knowledgeable workers, cutting-edge equipment, and effective methods is sure to pay off. Ritesh put money into

C) Consistent Efforts

Being productive is the number one tenet of success. There are risks to the business if work is completed too quickly. Put more emphasis on making a high-quality product than on making it quickly. Spend time and resources perfecting the plans and procedures you’ll really use.

Invest in Change People grow bored or tired of utilising the same item over and over again. It is recommended that all successful people contribute something new to the table. People’s lives should improve as a result of the transition, making the wait worthwhile. Oyo revolutionised the hotel industry by introducing new categories of hotels to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.

The Oyo Townhouses are aimed towards millennials, whereas the Silverkeys are aimed at business people. O for the finest in accommodations, Oyo Life for those seeking long-term rental housing on a month-to-month basis, and Oyo Work Spaces for professional settings. Oyo also listed its units on various sites and engaged in digital marketing to increase sales.

d) Keep Your Cool

There may be instances when you need to make crucial choices that will affect the company’s future. Follow your intuition while deciding. Maintain your composure even while a barrage of challenges tries to pull you down. Stay upbeat and you will pleasantly overcome these obstacles.


After Unleashing the Epic Success Story of OYO, they are many take-away that enhance business growth in many forms. The success Story of OYO motivates everyone. Be positive, be consistent and work hard to achieve your goals.

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