Veranda Learning Solutions ties up with Illinois Tech to offer tech focused courses

Veranda Learning Solutions announced its partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) to offer tech focused courses.

Illinois Tech is Chicago’s sole technology-focused university is dedicated to advancing technology and innovation and renowned for its commitment to hands-on learning and outcomes for graduates.

Veranda Learning SolutionsVeranda Learning Solutions is a listed enterprise offering end-to-end solutions in education.


This collaboration between Illinois Tech and Veranda Learning Solutions aims to enhance the educational courses in both information technology and K–12 Dual Credit programs.

It also aims to provide students with unparalleled access to cutting-edge courses and fostering a seamless pathway to higher education.

Courses in Technology will be offered through Edureka which is a subsidiary of Veranda Learning Solutions. Veranda would offer K–12 dual credit programs.

Global footprint

Illinois Tech is recognized as No 1 in Illinois, as No 23 in the U.S., and No 16 for salary impact among graduates by the Wall Street Journal, extends its global footprint through this partnership.

Veranda Learning Solutions with its vast network of nearly 200 centers across India, and Edureka, boasting more than 70 centers, are well positioned to disseminate Illinois Tech’s cutting-edge curriculum to a vast pool of more than 75,000 students annually.

Veranda Learning SolutionsCourses launching

In the realm of information technology, Edureka and Illinois Tech are set to launch a series of courses, including the highly anticipated Data Engineering program.

This initiative leverages Illinois Tech’s renowned faculty and Edureka’s expertise in online learning to engage students in acquiring stackable credentials that lead to credits for higher education, say sources from Veranda Learning Solutions.

Biyani Group Group Of College

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They lead to credits by combining theoretical knowledge with the practical skills essential for them to thrive in a rapidly evolving information technology market, say sources from Veranda Learning Solutions.

Dual credit programs

In the K–12 Dual Credit programs, this partnership offers students in grades 8–12 valuable foundational knowledge.

It allows learners to earn credits that can be applied toward higher education at international universities.

This unique approach bridges the gap between secondary and tertiary education, preparing students for a seamless transition to the global academic arena, say sources from Veranda Learning Solutions.

Expanding Access

Mr. Mallik Sundharam, Illinois Tech’s Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and said, “At Illinois Tech, we are committed to expanding access, providing experiential multi-disciplinary education and fostering innovation for all.

This partnership with Veranda Learning Solutions allows us to extend our reach and impact by making our courses accessible to a global audience, he said.

Affordable and Quality Education

Suresh Kalpathi, Executive Director and Chairman of Veranda Learning Solutins said the
partnership was synergistic in nature for the company.

They are delighted to join hands with Illinois Institute of Technology to deliver high-quality education in information technology and K–12 programs, said Executive Director and Chairman of Veranda Learning Solutions.

Through this partnership, we are excited to reemphasize our commitment to bring affordable and quality education to the students—extending by bringing international education for our Indian students, he said.

Veranda Learning SolutionsSignificant milestone

Mr. Vineet Chaturvedi, CEO of Edureka said their partnership with Illinois Tech is a significant milestone for Edureka.

‘It enhances the quality of their course offerings and underscores our commitment to providing learners with access to world-class

We believe that this collaboration will open new avenues for learners, empowering them
to succeed in the ever-evolving field of Information Technology, he said.

About Veranda Learning Solutions

Founded in 2018 by the Kalpathi AGS Group – Veranda Learning Solutions is a publicly listed
education technology company that offers a bouquet of training programs for competitive exam

This includes State Public Service Commission, Banking, Insurance, Railways, IAS, and
CA, as well as a slew of professional skilling and upskilling programs. Veranda Learning forayed
into high-demand financial courses such as Chartered Accountancy through India’s premier CA
test-preparation institute, J. K. Shah Classes.

Veranda Learning Solutions’ platform combines technology, processes, and methodologies to provide high-quality, in-depth, personalized learning opportunities and content to learners nationwide.

Dedicated to creating an impact on students and delivering successful academic outcomes.

Veranda adopts a multi-modal delivery system backed by a rigorous and disciplined learning framework.

The company provides services through a host of brands: Veranda RACE, Veranda IAS, Edureka, Six Phrase, Veranda HigherEd, Edureka Learning Centre, SmartBridge, BAssure Solutions, Talent Academy and Publications, Sreedhar’s CCE, Educare Infra and PHIRE.


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