XIM University Doctoral Admission 2024: Check the Dates, Admit Card, Other Informations

XIM University is a private university founded under the Xavier University, Odisha Act of 2013 and the Xavier University, Odisha (Amendment) Act of 2021. XIM University is comprised of thirteen schools: Xavier Institute of Management, School of Human Resource Management, School of Rural Management, School of Sustainability, School of Human Settlements, School of Commerce, School of Communications, School of Economics, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xavier Law School, School of Governance and Public Affairs, School of Liberal Arts, XAVIER-EMLYON Business School (XEBS), and a few Centres of Excellence.

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XIM University

XIM University for Doctoral Admission Selection Process 2024

To download the Admit Card for the Doctoral Admission Selection Process 2024, individuals can click on the provided link. The X-RAT (Xavier Research Aptitude Test) is scheduled to take place on April 12, 2024, in offline mode. Following this, the Presentation and Personal Interview will be conducted on April 13, 2024, also in offline mode.

The venue for these selection processes is the XIM University (Old Campus), located at Xavier Institute of Management, Xavier Square, Bhubaneswar-751013.

XIM University

XIM University Interview Results 2024

XIM University Results of admission interviews (held in February/March) for the MBA-BM, MBA-HRM, MBA-RM, MBA-SM, MBA-UMG, MMS-BF, and EMBA-BM programs are expected to be revealed in mid-April 2024. The XIM University Ph.D. event dates are listed in the table below. 

S.no Events  Dates
1. Conducting X-RAT (Research Aptitude Test of XIM University, Bhubaneswar) April 12, 2024
2. Presentation, and Admission Interviews April 13, 2024
3. Declaration of Admission Results May 2024 (Tentatively)
4. Issuance of admission letters to selected candidates May 2024 (Tentatively)
5. Student Admission & Mentorship Program

(Academic Program calendar starts immediately following this)

June/July 2024 (Tentatively)

XIM University Ph.D. part-time program Mandatory requirements

Students can check the Mandatory Requirements for XIM University Ph.D. Part-time programs are as follows:


  • To enroll in the Ph.D. part-time program, candidates must get a “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” from their employer, indicating that they are permitted to study part-time.
  • His/her official duties allow him/her to dedicate adequate time to research.
  • If necessary, he/she will be released from the responsibility to finish the coursework.
  • The NOC must include the above-mentioned items 1-3, be on organization letterhead, and be signed by the authorized authority. The letterhead must provide the organization’s contact information. 


Candidates selected for the Ph.D. Part-time program who are not currently employed should submit a self-declaration at the time of enrollment, clearly stating that he/she will not join any organization for employment during the study period without prior notice and approval from the relevant authority. If he or she accepts a job while pursuing a doctorate at XIM University, he or she must submit the NOC from the appropriate authority of the new organization (with the format and content specified in PART-A) within 30 days of joining the organization, or the studentship will be canceled.

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XIM University General Information for Applicants

The XIM Research Aptitude Test (X-RAT) assesses writing proficiency, verbal ability and comprehension, reasoning, and numeric aptitude—skills that are thought to be fundamental to researchers. Regarding the test, do remember the following guidelines. Should the exam be administered in person, you should arrive at the testing facility half an hour early to allow yourself time to study the written instructions before the start of the examination. To avoid wasting time due to technical difficulties, please prepare your system in advance if the test is administered online. If the test is administered online, applicants will get further instructions in a separate email.

  1. You should bring a scale (or a paper knife to cut open the seal in the exam booklet) and some pens. Books, notebooks, calculators, electronic devices, and cell phones are not permitted. Use a pen that contains either black or blue ink. You will not be able to leave the room until the test is completed.
  2. The test booklet has four sealed portions (A, B, C, and D). Section A has 45 minutes, Section B has 40 minutes, Section C has 45 minutes, and Section D has 50 minutes (total time: 180 minutes).
  3. You will primarily be evaluated on your writing, linguistic abilities and understanding, reasoning, and numeric skills. All of your answers should be in professional English. Section A is the writing ability section, in which you must write about the topic provided as instructed. Section B will measure your linguistic ability and comprehension. Section C will evaluate your thinking, while Section D will evaluate your quantitative abilities.
  4. During the test, please feel free to leave any criticism (regarding the test, individual questions, flaws in the booklet, etc.) on the feedback form provided at the end. You should not write your name, ID, or any other identification in the test booklet, except on the front page, where it is designated.
  5. When the invigilator announces the start time, use your scale (or paper knife) to rip open the seal for Section A and begin answering questions. 
  6. There will be no negative markings. Each question is self-explanatory. No more clarification should be requested from the invigilator. Rough work is permitted in all areas, either in the margins or on the back side of the paper. Such rough work will not be considered for review.
  7. All responses must be written in the space provided. No additional paper will be provided. As a result, you should arrange your responses appropriately. If you require extra room while answering Sections A and B, you may write on the other side of the paper. 
  8. Some of the questions will require replies within a specific word count range. This aids in determining your capacity to write a response of the anticipated size. As a result, answers that fall outside of the stated range will be viewed negatively. You must include the actual word count after your response to such queries and verify it falls within the range specified.
  9. If you finish answering a portion before time, use your remaining time to revise your answers in that section. You are not permitted to move forward until the invigilator declares the time to proceed to the next segment. You cannot return to the previous section(s) at any moment.
  10. You should exit the room silently when the invigilator has collected all of the exam booklets and admit cards.

XIM University


XIM University offers a comprehensive doctoral program selection process for the academic year 2024. With a strong focus on research aptitude and academic excellence, XIM University provides a platform for aspiring scholars to pursue their doctoral studies. From the X-RAT to the final admission confirmation, the process ensures a fair and thorough evaluation of candidates’ potential and suitability for the program.

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