5 Huge Mistakes that pull down your NEET Score

You may boost your chances of passing the NEET 2023 test on the first try by ensuring that you do not do any of the same errors that previous applicants have. Continue reading to learn about 5 Huge Mistakes that pull down your NEET Score and result in lower scores.

5 Huge Mistakes That Pull Down Your Neet Score

Every candidate who attempts the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) dreams of qualifying for the examination on the first attempt. They work hard to make this dream a reality. However, not everyone succeeds when the results are declared. Those left behind wonder where they had faltered. The problem is not always the commitment or dedication of an individual, sometimes it is a few silly mistakes made during the preparation phase that change the outcome.

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NEET 2023 exam will be conducted on May 7 next year in an offline mode. Moreover, they should also know the 5 Huge Mistakes that pull down your NEET Score. In this article, we have listed five common NEET 2023 preparation mistakes that bring the score down. Aspirants should avoid repeating these mistakes to improve their chances in NEET 2023.

let’s discuss the 5 Huge Mistakes that pull down your NEET Score one by one.

Mistake 1: Underestimating Basics

Without a strong foundation, you cannot build a multi-story. Likewise, the fundamental concepts of each section of NEET lay a platform for concepts to be built upon. Clearing NEET is not possible without a sound understanding of concepts. So, if you think with rote learning techniques, memorizing and reading concepts from the surface that you can crack NEET, you must burst your bubble. Get your concepts cleared on priority.

NEET 2023 preparation and NCERT books are inseparable. They must go together if one wants to score decent marks in NEET 2023. Neglecting the NCERT books and focusing only on the reference material is one common mistake that many NEET 2022 aspirants make. NCERT must always be the first book that you refer to for any topic.

Only after completing the preparation of a chapter from NCERT, one should move to another book to study the same chapter. Reference books should be used as supplementary books as they can never replace NCERT for NEET 2023 preparation. According to NEET 2022 toppers, they gave priority to NCERT books before other reference books are available in the market.

Mistake 2: Shifting from one book to another

Avoid Too Many Books

The minute one decides to prepare for NEET, he/she ends up searching for the books that people refer to for NEET 2023 preparation. Most of the students end up buying two or more reference books for a subject, apart from NCERT books. These books for NEET preparation usually sit on the shelves until exam day.

Biyani Group Group Of College

While preparing for NEET, students start to read from many books (sometimes much higher level) thinking that will help them but it’s another mistake that they must avoid. Reading unnecessary stuff just not makes your study hard but also creates confusion and distracts you from the stuff that you actually learn

Another common problem is shifting from one book to another, without completing a chapter from either of them which leads to confusion. To avoid both these issues during the advanced stages of NEET 2023 preparation, students should start by buying only one reference book that they intend to use. They should finish the NCERT books first and then complete the reference book. Only after completing these, they should refer to the third book for better retention of concepts.

.Sometimes reading unnecessary stuff only leads you to depression. So, make sure you do this mistake.

Mistake 3: Depending too much on mock tests and avoiding analysis

Many students feel that taking NEET mock tests is more beneficial than reading textbooks for NEET 2023 preparation. They focus more on solving NEET mock tests and spend very little time actually reading and understanding the nuances of a chapter. It does help in the beginning when the difficulty level of the questions is low. As the preparation reaches an advanced stage, they find it difficult to attempt the questions which require a thorough understanding of the topic.

While preparing for NEET 2023, students must always read and understand the chapter before attempting mock tests. Only when the base and concepts are clear, they will be able to attempt any question from a topic. Mock tests and weekly/daily tests are important. They mirror our knowledge of the subject and assess our skills. One must understand these are sources to evaluate one’s learnings.

Another important mistake students often commit during NEET preparation is avoiding analysing their mock test performances. After each mock test, they should get their mock tests analysed by their mentor to understand the scopes of improvement and the recurring errors. After this, modify your preparation strategy accordingly. So, keep working harder and set higher goals.

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Mistake 4: Prioritizing One Subject

NEET predominantly is for Biology enthusiasts. Some students might dislike Physics and Chemistry, but it is an inescapable parts of NEET. So, instead of focusing on all subjects, some strategize to master Biology while leaving behind Physics and Chemistry. Avoid this practice. While Biology can help you crack NEET, remember Physics and Chemistry sections decide your rank and hence the college you could possibly land up in. So, pay equal attention to all sections as they carry equal weightage.

Sometimes students think that if they focus on only one subject in which they strengthen can bring higher rankings. But guess what, this is their biggest mistake. It’s because another subject is hard or they are weak in that.

Running from your weakness is not a solution, you have conquered it. This also applies to NEET preparation. You also have to focus on other subjects. Just preparing for Bio or chemistry will not get you higher rankings.

Dont Mug Up Instaed Understand The Concept

Mistake 5: Trying to mug up the answers

While solving the mock tests and previous years’ NEET question papers, students may come across many questions that they were unable to attempt. Though mugging up the answers for the Biology section may be beneficial sometimes, doing the same for Physics and Chemistry sections usually proves to be futile. The approach for such questions must not be cramming all the answers, but reworking the concepts. They should first Identify the weak chapters or topics and then revise them thoroughly before taking the next mock test.

The students must know that mugging up is a habit that would do more harm to them than good. You are most likely to forget the topics that you have mugged up because you do not understand the logic behind them and your brain will have a hard time retaining the information which has no beginning and end. There’s a great chance of you forgetting the topics you have mugged up during the exam, thereby ruining your paper.

Mistake 6: Improper revision

As we all know, revision is the key to success.  Revising a topic at least twice ensures that it remains in your mind forever. In case you have forgotten a topic, revising it will quickly remind you of it so that you can easily recall it at the time of the examination.

Before you even start your preparation for any exam, you must have a plan or a strategy that suits your needs. The primary step in the process is to figure out the important topics in the syllabus that have more weight. Then look for the topics that are difficult to understand, or you’ve no clarity. Try to dedicate more time to them and clear your concepts for better understanding.

Evaluate your level and what should be your approach to get the desired result. Devote a sufficient number of hours to self-study and practice. Also, ensure your plan is not aggressive and you’re not overburdened. You must have sufficient time to relax and refresh your mood to break the monotony.

It is proven that the human brain forgets 50% or more of the same thing it read that day. Thus, for retaining such a vast syllabus in the NEET exam, revision is extremely important. While it is good to study at your own pace and complete chapters one by one, make sure you revise them concurrently. If you revise them after a couple of months, you will barely remember anything, and it will be like starting over.


The strategy should involve active recall. To improve your NEET 2023 score, avoid the 5 Huge Mistakes that pull down your NEET Score. Reading the information from the chapters and rewriting them in your mind to answer the brief questions you’ve created is one strategy. Make frequent reviews of your notes throughout the day to help retain more of what you read. In the long term, this strategy will help you perform better.

The 5th mistake on 5 Huge Mistakes that Lower Your NEET Score, improper revision is of the utmost importance at this point in time. Revision might be passive or active. Most students use the passive approach, whereas 10% use the most successful active strategy.

The passive technique involves regularly reading NCERT textbooks and answering MCQs. The active technique includes answering MCQs before reading textbooks to determine strengths and shortcomings. This is the time for active revision which requires greater attention.

Toppers’ revision skills set them apart. Rewrite often and don’t settle. We wish our readers well in their competitive exams

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