Best 10 Short Term Professional Courses after Graduation

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, a mere bachelor’s degree often falls short when aiming to secure your dream job. Many promising career paths require more than just an undergraduate education, pushing graduates to contemplate the choice between embarking on a full-time master’s program or opting for short-term professional courses.

These short term professional courses provide graduates with specialized abilities that make them more employable and flexible to industry needs. In this thorough guide, we’ve carefully selected the best 10 short term professional courses to help you further your career after graduation. Also, read IIT Kanpur’s Professional Certificate Course in AI and Machine Learning 2023

Best 10 Short Term Professional Courses after Graduation


Best 10 Short Term Professional Courses after Graduation

Let’s discuss some of the best short-term professional courses you can consider after graduating. These courses offer specialized skills and can significantly enhance your career prospects.

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM):

  • Duration: 1-2 years

Overview: PGDM is a globally renowned qualification often likened to an MBA. What distinguishes PGDM is its diverse range of specializations, including business, administration, finance, banking, and HR. Beyond imparting fundamental management knowledge, PGDM delves deep into the specifics of your chosen field, making it a versatile option for post-graduates.

2. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT):

  • Duration: Approximately 6 months (though the duration may vary by institution)

Overview: For those aspiring to enter the world of Accounting and taxation, BAT stands as the ideal launchpad. This compact short term course, usually spanning six months, equips students with the skills needed to adeptly manage business accounting and taxation-related functions. Topics covered encompass tax regulations, business accounts, tax liabilities, and the use of popular business intelligence tools.

3. Certified Financial Planner (CFP):

  • Duration: Typically around 6 months (the duration may vary depending on the candidate’s chosen CFP exams)

Overview: The highest level of financial qualifications is the CFP, a globally recognized certification that has received accreditation from FPSB India. Achieving this coveted certification requires passing five exams across six modules. Institutions offering CFP programs, both in India and abroad, provide an entry point to a career in financial planning, where you’ll help individuals and businesses make sound financial decisions.

4. Data Visualization:

  • Duration: Available in various formats, spanning from 3-6 months to up to one year

Overview: Data visualization is a swiftly emerging field, especially relevant for recent graduates. It emphasizes the significance of effectively translating complex data into understandable visuals. This course introduces students to data visualization tools, techniques, and software applications such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. Proficiency in data visualization is essential for making informed business decisions.

5. Diploma in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing

LPU College admission
  • Duration: Typically spanning 6 months to a year

Overview: In the age of digital dominance, Digital Marketing opens the doors to a plethora of job opportunities. Designed to cater to both graduates and undergraduates, this diploma program covers various facets of online marketing. It encompasses SEO techniques, social media marketing, website analytics, and digital marketing budgeting. Graduates of this program can aspire to become SEO specialists, Digital Marketing Managers, Content Writers, or Social Media Managers, all contributing to the digital realm. The course content in this program, along with their practical applications, opens doors to varied career prospects while giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

6. Certificate Programme in Data Science:

  • Duration: Available in varying short-term formats

Overview: Data science is unquestionably one of the hottest fields in today’s technology landscape. Short-term courses in this domain serve as a gateway for aspiring data enthusiasts. These programs offer an immersive experience in the world of data analysis, utilizing essential tools like Excel and Python. Additionally, they delve into various data analytics methods, data modelling techniques, and data clustering approaches. With the backing of prestigious institutions offering these courses worldwide, you’ll be well-equipped and industry-ready to take on the dynamic world of data science.

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7. Data Science and Machine Learning:

  • Duration: Spans a duration of 1-2 years

Overview: In the technology realm, Data scientists and machine learning engineers reign supreme when it comes to earning potential. Courses in these fields are meticulously designed to empower students with the skills needed to master data. You will learn to not only dissect and visualize data but also create machine learning models, a skill set that has become essential in numerous industries. Whether it’s the healthcare sector or the world of finance, the knowledge and expertise gained in these courses position you as a key player in the data-driven future.

8. Full-Stack Development:

Full Stack Developers

  • Duration: Typically takes about 6–12 months

Overview: Full-stack developers are in high demand since they can design front-end and back-end web applications. Full-Stack Development courses include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Django. The skill set acquired in this course is invaluable as it enables you to be at the forefront of building and maintaining versatile web applications, contributing significantly to the digital landscape.

9. Digital Marketing:

  • Duration: Typically spans 3–6 months

Overview: In the digital era, establishing a robust online presence is not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses. Short-term Digital marketing courses are designed to impart a wide spectrum of skills. These professional courses cover the basics of online brand promotion, from SEO to social media and content marketing. Such a course will prepare you to handle the numerous digital marketing difficulties, making you a sought-after specialist in this ever-changing area.

10. Blockchain Technology:

  • Duration: Typically completed within 3–6 months

Overview: Blockchain technology’s potential for disruption extends across a multitude of industries, including finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. A course in blockchain equips you with the skills needed to develop and implement blockchain solutions. As a pioneer of this breakthrough technology, you may shape these industries’ futures. This short-term course opens doors to intriguing opportunities in the fast-growing realm of blockchain-based innovation for blockchain developers, consultants, and strategists.


These carefully selected Best 10 Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation help you advance your career and learn specialized skills. These selections are carefully crafted to suit a variety of interests and professional goals. There are courses for everyone, whether you like data analysis, IT, or digital marketing. Working hard in these classes expands your knowledge and gives you practical experience. This gives you a competitive advantage, opening up several employment paths and increasing your post-graduation wages.

These meticulously selected short-term professional courses serve as an efficient conduit to advancing your career and equipping you with specialized skills in your chosen discipline. These options cater to an array of interests and career aspirations, ensuring you find a course aligned with both your passions and the specific industry you plan to infiltrate. Also, read Boost Online Learning Success with 10 Powerful Strategies

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