Bizgurukul Top Internship Opportunities 2024: Check the responsibilities, roles, qualifications, etc

Leading ed-tech company Bizgurukul is headquartered in India and committed to transforming the way people learn. Their dedication lies in cultivating an environment of ongoing education and development, enabling each person to reach their full potential. They have been helping students of all ages learn the newest courses in any profession with a variety of bundles since March 24, 2020. Culture and education are at the core of everything we do at Bizgurukul. The Bizgurukul logo is both visually appealing and interesting. 

They have a strong commitment to making a change. As a result, they work to differentiate how people think about education and business. For the people they firmly believe in, they provide packages and courses that have been planned, developed, and produced using real-world statistical data input. They have around two lakh students enrolled, more than 200 trainers, 500+ live training completions, and more than 80 crore in community earnings.


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How to Join Bizgurukul Today?

Bizgurukul is the place for you if you have a strong love for technology, education, and changing the world. Come along with them to share in their journey and leave your imprint on the rapidly changing Edtech industry. Take a look at their available internship positions and apply to Bizgurukul to start your journey toward an exciting and rewarding career. Accompany them in their journey to transform education and empower a million people through digital means. You can make a world where information genuinely changes people’s lives together.

Why Work or Join at Bizgurukul?

A Culture of Growth: At Bizgurukul, we promote a culture that supports ongoing education and career advancement. They give our staff members lots of chances to advance their careers and develop within the company.

Significant Work: The lives of our students and learners are immediately impacted by your contributions to Bizgurukul. Accompany them in influencing the direction of education and changing the digital environment.

Professional Advancement: Your only restrictions on your professional path at Bizgurukul are your passion and commitment. They offer lots of chances for growth and career advancement inside the company.

Teamwork and Collaboration: They value the effectiveness of teamwork. Being a member of the varied, encouraging team at Bizgurukul promotes camaraderie and teamwork.  

Work-Life Balance: They see the value of a good work-life balance and motivate our staff to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.

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Enthusiastic and helpful Leadership: Their executive group is enthusiastic about fostering an atmosphere that allows workers to thrive. Their advice and encouragement will enable you to reach your career objectives.

A lively and enjoyable workplace: Work doesn’t have to be all business! They support an enjoyable and stimulating work atmosphere that fosters originality and creative problem-solving. 

Unlock Your Career Options

With the use of technology and expertise, Bizgurukul has created this possibility for you to locate the best jobs for your progress. They push you to realize your full potential and play to your strengths to become the finest version of yourself. Now is the moment to go beyond traditional growth and learning management. They cultivate a culture that relies on monitoring short-term objectives to accomplish long-term objectives. Through their career at Bizgurukul, they hope to give the team the following:

  • Core strength is the work culture
  • Emphasis on Work-life balance  
  • Untraditional corporate culture  
  • Open platform to share feedback  
  • Recognition on the company’s social media platforms
  • Appreciation through Employee of the Month



Begin your professional path right now by using Bizgurukul. Complete the information in the provided format to start a whole new path in a quickly expanding company.

CSR Intern

Profile Overview: The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Intern will actively support their company’s CSR initiatives while obtaining important experience in social impact projects. The intern will play an important role in advancing their commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices.  

Job Title – CSR INTERN

  • Years of Experience – 0 – 6 Months  
  • Location – Sector 16, Noida

Qualifications and Requirements:  

  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and spoken.
  • Passionate about business social responsibility and having a positive impact on communities.
  • Ability to operate independently and efficiently in a collaborative setting. 

Roles & Responsibilities:  

  • Research and Analysis: Study the best practices in CSR and sustainability. Analyse data and trends in social and environmental issues to aid in the development of CSR initiatives.
  • Project Support: Assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of CSR programs and activities. Provide logistical support for events, volunteer activities, and contribution drives.
  • Community Engagement: Consult with local communities and nonprofit organizations to identify potential partnership opportunities. Help to organize community outreach programs and projects.
  • Help generate communication items including newsletters, social media updates, and impact reports. Compile and analyze data to assess the success and impact of CSR initiatives. 

Social Media Intern

Profile Overview: If you are a creative, tech-savvy expert with a thorough awareness of social media platforms, the newest trends, and dynamic algorithms, and a strong passion for numerous social media platforms, this is the role for you.  

Job Title – Social Media Intern

  • Years of Experience – 0 – 6 Months
  • Location – Sector 16, Noida 

Qualifications and Requirements:  

  • Understanding the many social media networks.
  • Creative thinker with Canva experience and the ability to conceive and execute unique concepts.

Roles & Responsibilities:  

  • Stay Ahead of the Trend: Keep an eye on emerging trends and look for ways to incorporate them into our social media strategy.
  • Curate and develop compelling and unique content for our social media platforms to boost audience engagement and brand visibility.
  • Brand cooperation: Contact potential businesses and influencers through direct messaging and email to discuss cooperation opportunities, partnerships, and sponsored content.
  • Video Editing: Help to edit simple videos for social media sites using editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or comparable technologies.
  • Camera Knowledge: Have a basic understanding of camera operations and procedures to create high-quality visual material for social media. 


Bizgurukul Application Form Process  

You will be forced to share your information with them, and they will respond.

  1. Visit their official website “” and click on this link to find the internship positions.
  2. To begin, please fill out the Job Title for which you wish to apply.
  3. Next, write your full name.
  4. Provide your email address.
  5. You will be asked to respond “Where do you know about us?” You’ll have to choose from five possibilities. Friend, Affiliate, Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Other
  6. Then, enter your phone number and receive an OTP to confirm it.
  7. Indicate your current location.
  8. Mention whether or not you are ready to relocate. 
  9. Because it is optional, you may include a description in your own words.
  10. Finally, upload your resume using the “choose file” option and click the submit button.


Bizgurukul is not just an ed-tech platform; it’s a community dedicated to transforming education and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With a focus on continuous learning, innovative courses, and a commitment to making a difference, Bizgurukul is reshaping the future of education. Join them on their journey to empower a million people digitally and create a world where knowledge truly transforms lives.  

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