Muskurahat Foundation Internship 2024: Check here the roles, responsibilities, and application process 

Muskurahat Foundation Overview

Muskurahat Foundation is a genuine NGO registered as a non-profit organization in India since 2017. The foundation focuses on providing holistic development to underprivileged children from shelter homes and orphanages. Their mission includes imparting distinctive experiential learning, instilling positive values, imparting life skills, and addressing mental health as part of the academic curriculum.

Success and Recognition

The foundation has a strong track record of success, having positively impacted thousands of children in India. The government and other organizations have recognized its work. Muskurahat Foundation is widely trusted and respected for making a real difference in children’s lives.

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Muskurahat Foundation

Proof of Legitimacy

Several factors demonstrate the Muskurahat Foundation’s status as a genuine NGO:

  1. Registered with the Charity Commission of India.
  2. Maintains an informative website detailing its mission, work, and impact.
  3. Operates with a board of directors comprising experienced professionals.
  4. Provide a financial report showcasing the transparent use of donations.
  5. Acknowledged and praised by other organizations for its impactful work.

Support Opportunities

Those interested in supporting the Muskurahat Foundation can donate online or by mail. Volunteering opportunities are also available to contribute time and effort towards the foundation’s cause.

Future Needs

The foundation aims to unlock the true potential of underprivileged children by supporting their education, upbringing, and mental well-being. Donations and support are crucial for providing holistic care to these children.

Internship Opportunities

Muskurahat Foundation offers internship opportunities for individuals looking to make a difference. The application process involves providing basic details and expressing motivation for the internship. Interns dedicate a month to the program, working from home with flexible hours. Upon completion, interns receive a certificate and gain skills in crowdfunding.

Their goal is to develop the kids into responsible members of society. Both their upbringing and their education are becoming their responsibilities. Every day, the tutors are there to assist more than five hundred kids in receiving a comprehensive education. Closing the achievement gap between the education students receive and the education they deserve is imperative. Their tomorrow will be determined by the work you do now.

Muskurahat Foundation

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Your Role & Responsibilities 

As an intern in fundraising, you will have these opportunities 

  • Give this 30-day internship a month of your time.
  • You can work from home and set your hours.
  • After finishing successfully, get an internship certificate.
  • Acquire a certification in crowdfunding and learn its fundamentals.
  • Receive compensation for the time and expertise you contribute. 

Muskurahat Foundation Internship Application Process

To apply for an internship with the Muskurahat Foundation, follow these steps:

1. Enter Your Name: Provide your full name in the designated field.

2. Give WhatsApp Number: Enter your WhatsApp number so the foundation can contact you.

3. Write Your Email ID: Provide your email address for further communication.

4. Mention Your Age: Share your age to help the foundation understand your background.

5. Why Do You Want to Do This Internship?: Explain your motivation and reasons for wanting to intern with the Muskurahat Foundation.

6. When Would You Like to Start the Internship?: Select your preferred start date from the options provided:

  • Immediately
  • 20/03/24
  • 27/03/24
  • 1st week of April

7. Click on the “Join Us” Button: Once you have filled in all the required information, click on the “Join Us” button to submit your application.

After completing these steps, you may be contacted by the Muskurahat Foundation for further details regarding your application and the internship program.

Perks of Volunteering

Volunteers at Muskurahat Foundation receive stipends, letters of recommendation, volunteering certificates, and a certified course in crowdfunding. Additionally, volunteers benefit from social media shoutouts and LinkedIn recommendations.

Learning Opportunities

Volunteers at Muskurahat Foundation can expect to learn about marketing, networking, crowdfunding, interpersonal skills, and the social sector’s overview. This experience can be invaluable for those interested in Muskurahat NGO and social work careers. At Muskurahat, working with India’s younger generation is vital to everything they do. 

They were aware of the influence of group efforts. Their youth development initiatives assist you in launching a career in social work and non-governmental organization (NGO) activities. The goal of this online internship is to provide you with training, an amazing learning experience, and assistance in developing the necessary skills. 

Contact Details

To learn more pieces of information about the Muskurahat Foundation and its projects, individuals can contact or visit

Muskurahat Foundation


Muskurahat Foundation, through its genuine efforts and impactful initiatives, aims to unlock the true potential of underprivileged children by providing holistic development. Their internship programs and volunteering opportunities provide individuals with the chance to contribute to a noble cause and gain valuable skills. Supporting the Muskurahat Foundation is not just about giving back; it’s about empowering the future generation of responsible citizens.

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