Study Abroad GREAT Scholarships: 71 UK Universities Offering 210 Postgraduate

GREAT Scholarships are intended for those wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom (UK). This academic year (2024-25), 71 UK universities are offering 210 scholarships to students from 15 countries.

Each scholarship covers a minimum of £10,000 in tuition expenses for a one-year postgraduate course. Eligible individuals from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Turkey, among others, can apply for the scholarship, with selected postgraduate programs typically beginning in September. 

GREAT Scholarships

Each scholarship is financed jointly by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign, the British Council, and participating UK higher education institutions. The GREAT Scholarships campaign is a UK government effort that connects India with the UK through higher education possibilities. It promotes employment creation, learning, and growth for international visitors, students, traders, investors, residents, and professionals.

In an exclusive interview, Rittika Chanda Parruck MBE, Director of Education India, British Council, discusses the GREAT Scholarships, when and how to apply, and how the British Council provides vital insight into scholarship options. 

How relevant are the GREAT Scholarships for Indian students planning to study in the UK?

The GREAT Scholarships enable students from all around the world, including India, to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK. This year, 25 UK universities will provide 26 postgraduate GREAT scholarships to Indian students. It applies to a variety of sectors, including finance, marketing, business, psychology, design, humanities, and dance. Each GREAT Scholarships, worth at least £10,000, will be used to cover tuition for one-year postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom beginning in the autumn of 2024.

In partnership with the Ministry of Justice, the GREAT Scholarships program 2024 also contains two scholarships specifically designed for Indian students pursuing Justice and Law degrees. These scholarships are available through two cooperating higher education schools known for their outstanding legal programs.

Furthermore, for the academic year 2024-25, four Science and Technology scholarships are offered at four UK universities. Indian students are invited to apply for courses in a variety of science and technology-related areas, including artificial intelligence, sustainable engineering, and psychology, at any of the participating higher education institutions.

GREAT Scholarships

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What are the basic eligibility criteria?

The prerequisites vary by institution; however, the following are common: the student must hold an Indian passport to prove permanent residence, have an undergraduate degree, and meet the academic and English language standards of the UK university.

Students who wish to apply for the GREAT Scholarships must have obtained an offer of admission from one of the participating universities and meet all entry requirements for the chosen course as specified by the relevant university. 

What’s the last date of submission?

The dates vary by university. Most colleges have application deadlines ranging from the end of April to the end of May 2024, with some allowing extensions into June. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to a video interview with the university’s selection committee. Individual universities will notify successful scholars of the outcome after they have submitted their applications.

Where and how can one apply?

Applicants might start by visiting this website to learn more about the available GREAT Scholarships. Applicants should apply for individual scholarships using the methods provided on each university’s scholarship website. Students may be asked to submit an essay as part of their application. 

Certain universities will want 500 words on a topic they have already researched and why they found it intriguing. This essay will be considered as part of the shortlisting criterion, together with previous academic accomplishments and potential.

Following the registration process, successful scholars will receive scholarship funding from their respective universities once they have been confirmed as selected. To gain access to the scholarship monies, you must complete all necessary registration procedures as soon as possible. 

Does the British Council help with the application process?

While the British Council does not provide direct application help, it does enable online sessions via Facebook Live in partnership with university teams to provide useful insights into scholarship prospects. Prospective applicants are urged to visit the Study UK website, which contains a wide range of tools and recommendations for securing scholarships. Furthermore, former researchers kindly share their firsthand experiences and provide advice on productive tactics.

GREAT Scholarships


In addition to these sessions, global teams operate the British Council Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which provide additional chances for skill development and knowledge growth online. The British Council also provides pre-departure briefings to students selected for academic courses in the UK, covering important issues such as travel preparations, visa applications, housing possibilities, and student life in the UK.

The GREAT Scholarships program gives an excellent chance for students from numerous nations, including India, to pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. With 210 scholarships offered at 71 UK universities, applicants have a variety of alternatives.

The GREAT Scholarships cover at least £10,000 in tuition fees for one-year postgraduate courses, making studying in the UK more affordable. Applicants should review each university’s eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and application process. The British Council provides helpful materials and information to applicants throughout the process. 

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