How to Prepare for Civil Services

Posted by Pooja Singh on July 21, 2021
how to prepare for civil services

How to prepare for civil services is one of the most talked question amongst the civil service candidates. The civil services examinations are one of the competitive exams held in India. It is a nationwide exam that is conducted by Union Public Service Commission. It is an entrance examination to get admission in civil services of the Government of India.

These civil services include Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, an Indian Administrative Service. The civil services examinations are also called UPSC examinations. This examination gets conducted in three phases. The three phases are preliminary examination, the main test, and the interview. It is one of the toughest examinations in India. In this article, we shall discuss how to prepare for civil services.

how to prepare for civil services
how to prepare for civil services

The civil services examination of India is like the Imperial Civil Services Test based on the British era. The candidates appearing for civil services examinations must be Indian for the three Indian exams. They can also be a citizen of Nepal or a subject of Bhutan. The candidates also must have an educational background from any state, central, open, or deemed university board. The age of the candidates appearing for the civil services examination of India must be between 21 to 32. But, for the backward categories, the age limit can be extended to 35 years for OBC and 37 years for SC and ST.

The general category candidates can appear for this exam six times. The OBC candidates can appear nine times. The SC/ST candidates can appear as many times as they reach the age of 37. The vacancies for these examinations vary every year.

Let us help you with how to prepare for the civil services examinations of India.

How to prepare for civil services preliminary examinations

The first stage of civil services examinations of India is the preliminary test. The selection process is also called the screening round. It is said one of the toughest exams in the civil services examinations. The reason behind this is a huge competition. Since the screening starts from this round onwards, a lot of people appear for this step. Hence, the competition increases. Let’s see how to prepare for civil services for the preliminary examination.

More exam information is on this website. 

how to prepare for civil services
how to prepare for civil services

If you have less than two months left, focus on current events the most because that will be the most helpful.

1. Consider history as the main subject but majorly cover the Indian National Movement along with socio-economic history.

2. One important suggestion is to not never ignore maps and geography. The economic and Social

3. Geography of India is important subjects.

4. The most important part is the Indian polity. Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy and

5. Rights Issues are the subjects to cover in this. Following the day to day events in the Indian political system of recent months is mandatory.

6. The economy is the most important subject of the UPSC exams. The union budget, Economic survey, economic summits, are the important subjects to cover in this topic.

7. Environmental subjects and the general sciences should also be considered necessary.

For cracking the main exams below is how to prepare for civil services preliminary examinations, students must follow these steps.

  1. Always choose to prepare subject wise.
  2. Do not touch on the new topics in the last ten days.
  3. Keep revising the basic concepts.
  4. Give general studies more time.
  5. Keep revising current affairs everyday
  6. Keep taking the mock tests.
  7. Always stick to the timeline and to-do lists.
  8. Read newspapers
  9. Working on the personality and communication skills is the must
  10. Always practise last year’s question papers
  11. Do not miss out on reading newspapers, as it is helpful.
  12. Keep making notes of the things that you keep forgetting
  13. Work on your speaking skills for the interview round
  14. Practise soft skills as well
  15. Read the questions related to interviews
  16. Prepare your suggestions on the trending topics for any debates.

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