HR Summit 2024 focuses on Generative AI in HR

HR Summit 2024 organized by CODE of IIT Madras featured 21 HR leaders and keynote sessions on Generative AI in Human Resources and Metaverse.

HR Summit 2024 included panel discussions on diversity in hiring, skill-based hiring, and upskilling strategies. CODE is Centre for Outreach and Digital Education.

HR Summit 2024This inaugural edition of the HR Summit & Best Talent Award 2024 attracted distinguished attendees, including CXOs, CHROs, Learning & Development Leaders.

It also featured Talent Acquisition Leaders, Tech Leaders, Functional Heads, Program Working Professionals, and IIT Madras BS Program Learners.

Theme of HR Summit 2024

The theme of HR Summit 2024 was ‘Empowering the Future Workforce’ summit delved into vital strategies for diversity, skill-based hiring, and upskilling.

Attendees of HR Summit 2024 engaged in three dynamic panel discussions, inspiring three keynote addresses, and interactive sessions, acquiring invaluable insights and essential tools for navigating the modern workplace.

Prominent Speakers

The summit featured prominent speakers from Tata iQ, Morgan Stanley, Volvo Group, VMware, Wipro, IBM, ANSR Global, LatentView Analytics, Affine,, Flipkart, Informatica, Reltio, Prodapt, Capital One, Reltio, Berkadia, Urban Piper, Shenzyn, IIBA, and National Aerospace Laboratories.

Focused on identifying skill gaps, fostering innovative and agile learning solutions, and promoting inclusive upskilling opportunities, the HR Summit 2024 summit aimed to create industry-ready talent.


Mr. Amit Sachdev, Chief People Officer at Tata iQ, said HR Summit 2024 was dedicated to empowering the future workforce through discussions, networking, and project recognition.

Our collaboration with CODE, IIT Madras strives to position IIT Madras’s Non-Campus Program, such as the BS in Data Science and Programming, as a leader in ‘Data Science and Applications’ and future workforce development, he said speaking at HR Summit 2024.

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Making an introduction to CODE, Prof. Andrew Thangaraj, Chairman, CODE, IIT Madras, said, “Our objective is to promote lifelong learning and equip individuals and working professionals with the skills needed to remain continuously employable.

CODE offers diverse programs that emphasise skill-based training, preparing participants for the evolving demands of the modern workforce, he said speaking at HR Summit 2024.

HR Summit 2024Academic excellence

“IIT Madras is renowned for its academic excellence, and our faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the programs, said Prof Andrew speaking at HR Summit 2024.

‘e are committed to making education affordable and accessible, providing learners from around the globe the opportunity to benefit from our courses.’

By leveraging online platforms and innovative teaching methods, we can reach a diverse audience, creating a significant impact in various regions worldwide, he said at HR Summit 2024.

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Our programs are designed to meet the evolving demands of the modern workforce, helping participants to stay ahead in their careers and contribute effectively to their industries, he said.


Established by IIT Madras in 1986, CODE (formerly the Centre for Continuing Education) is dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and equipping individuals with essential skills for success in the digital era.

CODE offers a diverse array of programs focused on skill-based training in cutting-edge fields such as eMobility, Quantum Computing, Construction Technology, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, and Analytical Operations and Supply Chain Strategies.

Harnessing Generative AI

Mr. Vishwanadh Raju, Head – Talent Acquisition, ANSR Global delivering a lecture on ‘Harnessing Generative AI in Human Resources.

Generative AI, powered by large language models, is revolutionizing HR by streamlining operational tasks, enhancing talent acquisition with data-driven insights, and personalising employee engagement, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation in human capital management, he said speaking at HR Summit 2024.

Key outcomes

The key outcomes from HR Summit 2024 included:

⮚ Enhanced Industry-Academia Collaboration: Bridging academia and industry for continual mutual growth and innovation.

⮚ Insightful Knowledge Exchange from HR Point of View: Sharing cutting-edge HR insights and practices for organisational success.

⮚ Networking Opportunities: Connecting students, faculty, and industry experts for collaboration and mentorship.

⮚ Showcase of Innovation & Talent: Highlighting thought-provoking projects and talent, reinforcing excellence in innovation.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions were also held in HR Summit 2024 on the following topics:

⮚ Adapting for Agility: Transitioning from Degree-Centric to Skill-Centric Hiring

⮚ Skillful Inclusion: Empowering Diversity Through Skill-Based Hiring Strategies

⮚ Skills Gap Navigation: Upskilling and Reskilling Strategies for Future Workforce Demands

Highlights of CODE HR Summit 2024 include:

● Networking with Industry Leaders: Participants had the opportunity to meet and connect with over 240 HR and talent acquisition leaders from top organizations, offering invaluable networking opportunities and insights into industry trends and best practices.

● Showcase of Student Projects: Attendees witnessed top project showcases by IIT Madras BS students, highlighting the innovative projects and emerging talent from the program. This provided inspiration and potential collaboration opportunities.

● Supporting Upskilling and Reskilling: The summit emphasised the importance of upskilling and reskilling by offering skill-based programs tailored for freshers, working professionals, and industry practitioners, ensuring a well-equipped workforce for the future by centre for outreach and digital education,IIT Madras.

● Building Connections with IIT Madras: The summit connected participants to IIT Madras’ esteemed network, fostering potential collaborations and ongoing learning opportunities.


The ‘Best Business Data Management’ (BDM) Project Award was awarded on the occasion in recognition of the exceptional achievements in Business Data Management.

These practical projects are a vital component of the Diploma level in the BS Program at IIT Madras, providing students with invaluable experience in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world business scenarios.

The first 3 winners will be awarded based on the assessment by the industry leaders during the event.

The best project will be judged by Bharathram Ramakrishnan, Global Head – Data science & AI at Novartis, Shivani Reddy, Global Head of TA & HR Management at LatentView Analytics, Ganesh Shenoy K, Chief Mentor at MyAnatomy and Vishwanadh Raju,Head TA at ANSR Global

The BDM Capstone Project, overseen by lead instructors empowers students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical business scenarios under the guidance of experienced mentors.

These projects serve as a platform for students to demonstrate their proficiency in data science and decision-making with an emphasis on Practical Application, Problem Solving, and Industry Relevance.

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