IIM Sambalpur invites application for 3 year dual degree, Apply Till 15 June 2024

IIM Sambalpur is inviting application for three year dual degree doctoral programme.

Candidates can apply for the course before 15 June 2024. Those with required eligibility conditions can submit applications.

IIM SambalpurThe course is known as ‘Executive PhD & DBA Program’ is being offered by IIM Sambalpur in collaboration with Bordeaux University School of Management.

Course stands as India’s pioneering dual-degree doctoral initiative. Designed specifically for working professionals aiming for advanced academic qualifications, the program offers a unique pathway to pursue a doctoral degree without disrupting their careers, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

Who is it for?

Tailored for individuals with significant work experience, it emphasizes practical applicability and interdisciplinary approaches.

This program delivers rigorous, world-class training across various areas of business management, enabling students to conduct cutting-edge research of international standards, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

Participants are equipped with the skills to critically access and influence organizational landscapes, fostering leaders ready for impactful roles in both academia and industry.

Moreover, it supports industry executives in transitioning to research-oriented careers, whether in academic institutions or research positions within the public and private sectors, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

More about the course

The Executive PhD/DBA program spans a minimum of three years, equivalent to 36 months.

During the first year, students are required to complete a minimum of 8 core courses relevant to their chosen research area, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

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This initial year also encompasses Epistemology and Methodology courses, providing an introduction to Management Research along with qualitative and quantitative techniques.

At the culmination of the first year, students defend their research proposal, a pivotal step leading to the validation of a research certificate (Research in Management).

Failure to pass this stage necessitates re-registration for an additional year.

Throughout the subsequent second and third years, students are guided in writing their thesis and undergo preliminary thesis presentations, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

Each student is assigned a Research Supervisor/Co-Supervisor from both collaborating institutions.

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As part of the program, students have the opportunity to attend a three-day Academic Writing Workshop at Cambridge University.

It is mandatory to attend face-to-face class, spanning two weeks, at Bordeaux campus.

The program employs a hybrid mode of delivery, combining face-to-face classes held at various intervals and locations, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

Admission to the program is overseen by IIM Sambalpur, adhering to its minimum entry requirements.

The composition of core courses and the allocation of contact or non-contact hours may be adjusted by the doctoral committee to accommodate students’ needs.

The program predominantly features instruction by international faculty, with emphasis not limited to Bordeaux Business School.

Students will be charged on a pro rata basis for any additional years required to complete the program.

Minimum three face-to-face classes of three days duration will exclusively take place at the Sambalpur or Delhi campus.

Who Can Apply For This Course at IIM Sambalpur?

To be eligible for the Executive PhD/DBA program, applicants typically need to meet the following requirements:

Work Experience: Candidates should have minimum five years work experience, in a professional setting with post graduate degree.

This requirement ensures that participants bring practical insights and real-world knowledge to their doctoral studies.

Educational Background: Applicants are typically required to hold a relevant master’s degree, such as an MBA/ Masters or equivalent qualification or a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

This educational background provides the foundational knowledge necessary for advanced doctoral-level research.

Academic Record: A strong academic record is usually expected, demonstrating the candidate’s ability to excel in rigorous academic pursuits.

This may include transcripts, GPA scores, and any relevant academic achievements or honors.

Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction (often English) is essential, as the program involves intensive academic study, research, and communication in this language.

Research Interest: Applicants should have a clear research interest or topic of study within the field of management or a related discipline.

They should be able to articulate their research goals, interests, and potential contributions to the academic community.

Statement of Purpose: Applicants may need to submit a statement of purpose outlining their academic and professional background.

It must also have their research interests, career goals, and reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree in the Executive PhD/DBA program, say sources from IIM Sambalpur.

Candidates shall be required to submit a “No Objection Certificate”/ “Consent letter” for pursuing MBA from their employer. In case of self-employed, a declaration with respect to the same will be required.

Selection Process

The selection for the course at IIM Sambalpur will be based on the criteria mentioned below for the sake of the students:

$ Academic Profile–Graduation Score/Percentage.

$ Personal Interview.

$ Preparation of the Merit list will be based on resume and personal interview.

$ IIM Sambalpur will strictly follow the Government of India’s Reservation Policy.

How To Apply?

1. Candidates have to visit the official website of IIM Sambalpur to download the soft copy of the application form. The official website is ‘https://iimsambalpur.ac.in/how-to-apply-dba/’

2. Once the website is ready, candidates can click the button Application Form

3. Clicking the above button will open the application form soft copy

4. Candidates can fill the softcopy of the application and send it along with documents to the email ‘exephd-dba@iimsambalpur.ac.in’

Application Fee

Candidates have to pay the application fee of Rs 1180. There is a separate link to send the details of the application fee payment. Link to know more about application process for this course at IIM Sambalpur is Here.

Contact Information

Candidates who need additional information can contact IIM Sambalpur with the numbers and email mentioned below:

Mobile Number:

+91 9903471420

Email IDs:



Postal Address and Website

IIM Sambalpur, Goshala, Basantpur, Odisha 768025, www.iimsambalpur.ac.in

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