JEE Mains 2024 registration: Remember these important points before you apply

JEE Mains 2024 registration is already on and students have to remember these important points. The process of application submission will for the first edition will go on till 30 November 2023.

Submission of application was thrown open for the first edition on 1 November 2023. Students who have passed plus two in science stream with maths/biology, physics and chemistry can apply.

JEE Mains 2024 registrationJEE Mains 2024 registration for the first edition will be open till 11:59 PM on 30 November 2023. The hall tickets will be made available three days before the exam.

JEE Mains 2024 registration

The first phase of JEE Mains 2024 is open for application submission from 1 to 30 November 2023. Those who miss to apply now can take up JEE Mains 2024 registration from 2 February to 2 March 2024.

The registration (applying for the exam) can be done on the new website ‘’ There is a difference which candidates have to note.

Former application website was ‘’ and the new website now is ‘’ Students have to visit the new website to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration.

Exam centres

There has been a reduction in the number of test centeres for JEE Mains 2024. Test centres in India for JEE Mains 2024 is 300 which is less compared to the previous year where the test centres across the country was 304.

Registration fee

JEE Mains 2024 registration fee has been reduced for the male applicants who are from General-EWS and OBC NCL categories. The fees to be paid by them is Rs 900 while taking up JEE Mains 2024 registration.

It is worth noting that the fees last year for the applicants from General-EWS and OBC NCL was Rs 1000, now it is Rs 900. There is more to it than meets the eye.

JEE Mains 2024 registrationABC/Digilocker

Candidates have to create a Digilocker account on NAD (National Academic Depository) portal or create an account on ABC ID (Academic Bank of Credits ID) portal to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration.

LPU College admission

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Students who are not willing to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration through NAD or ABC ID have to report at the allotted exam centre one hour before the designated entry time on the day of the examination.

Exam dates and results

JEE Mains 2024 first session will be conducted from 24 January to 1 February 2024. The second session of JEE Mains 2024 will be held from 1 to 15 April 2024.

The results for the first session will be out on 12 February 2024 and the same for the second session would be declared on 25 April 2023.


Students can take the assistance of Chatbox on the new website while taking up JEE Mains 2024 registration. This will be located on the bottom left corner of the new webpage that can be accessed at ‘’

Candidates have to click the Chatbox and then type their queries in the space meant for it and submit them for replies. They can also visit the website for more information.


Students must keep it in mind the change in syllabus while preparing for JEE Mains 2024. Changes in the syllabus have been made. A few chapters have been completely removed, while a few sub-topics have also been removed.

Certain topics have been removed from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Their details are mentioned below:

Topics removed (Physics)

# Communication Systems

# Certain topics from Experimental Skills

Topics removed (Chemistry)

# States of Matter

# Surface Chemistry

# s-Block Elements

# Hydrogen

# Environmental Chemistry

# Polymers

# Chemistry in Everyday Life

# Thomson and Rutherford’s atomic models and their limitations

# Physical quantities and their measurements in Chemistry, precision and accuracy, significant figures

Topics removed (Mathematics)

# Mathematical Reasoning

# Mathematical Inductions

# A few topics were removed from Three Dimensional Geometry

The syllabus for JEE Mains 2024 is available here

JEE Mains 2024 registrationHow to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration?

Procedure to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration is online and students have to visit the official website to submit applications.

The url to access the official website for submitting applications is ‘’

1. The URL mentioned above has to be typed into the browser and submitted to allow the website to download.

2. Once the website is ready, candidates can click the link for registration which may open another webpage.

3. When another webpage opens, candidates have to click the link the button JEE(Main) 2024 Registration open (Click Here). This will be visible on the top left corner of the webpage.

4. Clicking the above button will open another webpage with URL ‘’

5. Once the webpage with above URL opens, candidates have to scroll down the webpage and click the button New Candidate Register Here.

6. After registration, candidates can login and fill the application form, pay registration fees upload required documents and submit the form.

Link to take up JEE Mains 2024 registration is here


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