Latest Update National Exit Test (NExT) Exam 2024-2025 Students Need to Know

National Exit Test (NExT) Exam 2024-2025: Pioneering Transformations in Indian Medical Education

In India, medical education is always changing, and the National Exit Test (NExT) Exam 2024-2025 will be a big step forward. As the replacement for the NEET PG and FMGE exams, NExT aims to make the testing process for medical grads uniform across the country. This new update makes a lot of changes that people who want to become doctors have to deal with. This guide is an important way for students to find their way through the NExT Exam. It covers everything from who can take the exam to how it is set up and its overall effects on medical education. Read more, New Medical Exam 2024: National Exit Test (NEXT) for MBBS in India

Latest Update National Exit Test (next) Exam 2024 2025 Students Need To Know....

IIMS Delhi is anticipated to administer the NExT Exam, commencing in May 2024. Unfolding in two sessions, NExT Step 1 and Step 2 streamline the evaluative journey for aspiring medical practitioners across the country.

Month/Year Events
May 2024 Commencement of NExT Exam
August 2025 NExT Step 1 Exam
February 2026 NExT Step 2 Exam
Ongoing Mock Exams & Registration Dates

Open to final-year MBBS students and foreign medical graduates, successful candidates must hold a valid MBBS degree with a minimum of 50% marks. A mandatory 12-month internship follows the triumph in NExT Step 1.

NExT Exam Application Process

The anticipated online application process for the NExT Exam promises efficiency and accessibility for candidates. The official information brochure that AIIMS Delhi releases will meticulously detail the nuances of important dates and application procedures.

Latest Update National Exit Test (next)

NExT PG Exam Process

Functioning as a qualifying exam for postgraduate medical courses, NExT PG emphasizes theoretical acumen and practical competencies. The three-day validity allows candidates to fulfil internship requirements before pursuing advanced education.

NExT Exam Dates (Tentative)

The NExT Exam is earmarked for August 2025 for Step 1 and February 2026 for Step 2, providing a structured timeline for candidates to calibrate their preparation and progression.

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NExT Exam Syllabus

The comprehensive NExT Exam syllabus spans six subjects, including clinical, pre, and para-clinical facets, ensuring a holistic evaluation of candidates’ medical knowledge and practical skills.

Subject Number of Questions
Medicine & Allied Subjects 120
Pediatrics 60
Surgery & Allied Subjects 120
Otorhinolaryngology 60
Obstetrics & Gynecology 120
Ophthalmology 60

NExT Exam Pattern 2025: The NExT Exam adheres to a two-step pattern, encompassing theoretical online examinations in Step 1 and practical offline assessments in Step 2. Candidates must attain at least 50% marks in each paper to qualify for both stages.

NExT Qualifying Criteria

Qualification for NExT Step 1 and Step 2 necessitates achieving a minimum of 50% marks in each paper. Step 2 meticulously evaluates candidates’ practical competencies, ensuring their preparedness for real-world medical scenarios.

Latest Update National Exit Test (next)......

New MBBS Curriculum

The advent of the new MBBS curriculum pivots towards competencies, amalgamating theoretical knowledge with practical skills. This paradigm shift aims to cultivate well-rounded healthcare professionals poised to meet the dynamic demands of the healthcare sector.


Finally, the NExT Exam 2024-2025 is more than just a test; it’s a sign of a big change in the way medical education is done. As students get ready to take this exam, they are not just studying for a test; they are also starting a new era of medical practice. The changes to the requirements for qualifying, the format of the exams, and the addition of real skills show a dedication to creating well-rounded healthcare workers. As a result of this recent change, the NExT Exam makes it possible for medical schools to better meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector. This means that doctors in India will have a better and more consistent future.

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